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Top Ten Limousine Software Review

Booking Tool

(888) 731-8880

Booking Tool is the premier online limousine and party bus software available to you in the marketplace today. In our opinion, this is the first company you should seriously consider in your search for a provider. What really sealed the deal for us was their free demo which can get you setup and running within minutes. Never sign up for software without a free trial right?  

Their unique software was designed for the person with just one limo as well as global fleets Their software is completely customizable and very user friendly. There are also no hidden fees or contracts with their program, which is not true of some other software providers. It’s simple to use but powerful enough to get the job done. When it all comes down to it, limo and party bus companies want something simple to use. A great user friendly interface makes it easy to train your staff on its uses as well. With Booking Tool, either your staff or your customers can make reservations online 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

The Booking Tool software also allows you to provide instant quotes to your customers based on the pricing you have inputted into the software. The most difficult part of training a competent booking agent is the pricing. Booking Tool has tried to completely eliminate that particular hassle for you! They offer the ability to process credit cards as well. If you have an existing account then chances are that you can already integrate with their software. If you don’t have a merchant account then they would be happy to set you up with a low fee account catered specifically to your needs.  

Automatic emails are a must these days and Booking Tool has you covered there as well. Imagine having a system that automatically sends emails to your customers with pickup reminders and requests for feedback. As a busy limo and party bus owner, analytics are pretty important to know. You’re probably working on SEO as well and want to know how many people are coming to your site and where they are coming from. Booking Tool creates detailed reports for you. This data includes reports of your online visitors. They also give you the ability to automatically send out text messages to your drivers with just the click of a button.

A few other cool parts of Booking Tool’s software is you can fax directly within the software, integrate GPS for every run, create discounts for customers, and manage your entire fleet. At Booking Tool, your data is also completely safe. They take this stuff seriously over there. They use the highest level of encryption available right now for your customer’s sensitive data. At Booking Tool, your data is also completely safe.  They take this stuff seriously over there.  They use the highest level of encryption available right now for your customer’s sensitive data. 

So you think you want to move forwards with Booking Tool? What are the next steps you ask? Well, first of all, sign up for a free trial and they also have demos on their site. Check out the demo first and make sure it’s a fit.  

Limo Anywhere


Limo Anywhere is perhaps the premier limousine and party bus rental software you can find on the internet today.  They have a very feature rich platform that is constantly being updated as the needs of their customers evolve.  Clearly keeping up with the market, Limo Anywhere has produced a product that satisfies just about everyone’s requirements.  Their software can be accessed from any location and with any device you have.  Use your cell phone, computer and tablets from wherever you have connectivity.

Limo Anywhere’s software increases productivity and helps grow your business.  It provides you the ability to track and manage bookings from start to finish.  Their advanced dispatch screen can also be customized to your liking with assistance from an account specialist if needed.  It even allows you to schedule and assign multiple trips at once and send group texts directly from the software to any of your employees.  Do you pick up a lot of customers at the airport?  Limo Anywhere software will allow you to track customer’s flight information.  Concerned about satisfying your customers?  The system allows you to keep customer’s details and preferences all in one spot.  Limo Anywhere also gives you the ability to manage customer’s invoices, process credit card payments, and track payroll disbursements.

Maybe a concern you have is with quoting jobs.  Limo Anywhere solves this problem by allowing you to quote accurately just by gathering pick up and drop off addresses.  It’s called ‘Distance Based Pricing’ and it’s a must have for those with employees on the phone giving pricing.  Stop losing money from inaccurate quotes!  As far as ‘In Progress’ rides go, they allow you to track exactly where your vehicles are at any time and review spending levels as well as ride activity.  You can forget about manually keeping track of your drivers and where they are taking your costly vehicles.

Limo Anywhere also puts the power back in your customers’ hands.  Let them download your customized app and they can check prices, confirm availability and book on the go at their convenience.  They can even receive status updates and track where their vehicle is via GPS and more!

When you go with Limo Anywhere, all your drivers will download the Limo Anywhere app as well.  This will allow them to receive, manage, and close out their trips in real time.  You can forget about texting, emailing, or the manual trip dispatch processes.  Instead of receiving a million phone calls this Saturday night, one click of a mouse will transfer all relevant information and trip details to the appropriate person.  As stated earlier, you will also receive real time location updates via free GPS tracking of your entire fleet.  This allows you, the owner, to plan better routes, and have a real time view of your entire fleet and staff.

If you already have an existing merchant account then chances are Limo Anywhere is compatible with it.  If for some reason they aren’t, you are able to sign up through them directly and receive next day funding.

Corporate Car Online

(800) 249-7907

Corporate Car Online or CCO, is a web-based limousine software that helps limo owners streamline their reservation management, dispatching, scheduling, invoicing, and many other key components.  Their platform is constantly evolving because of the ever changing needs of their customers.  They are also famous for their excellent customer service which is rare these days.  CCO goes above and beyond in this category.  From your software setup, to training, to ongoing service and support, they have you covered as the customer.  They have been around for over a decade and it shows in the crispness of their software.  Over the years all the intricacies of their platform have been perfected so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

What’s great about being a CCO member is every limousine company that is also using their software can recognize each other and communicate.  A global presence can even be created.  You can essentially be a broker and also run your limousine company.  Corporate Car Online was designed to allow their clients to focus on running their business, not the back end work.  Since it’s a cloud-based solution, your customers are able to worry less about the day to day task of maintaining an in office software solution and worry more about the execution of their business strategy.

With CCO‘s unique ‘Online Reservation Utility’, you now have the ability to give your customers unique IDs to log into your customized website.  With this functionality, they are able to view prior reservations and invoices, create new bookings, and request quotes.  The whole point of this is to allow your customers more flexibility to manage their accounts themselves.  Drivers are also given the same login potential so they can view and print jobs directly from your website.

As stated earlier, Corporate Car Online also customizes websites for you if you need it.  You can choose from 20 templates or have one customized to your liking.  Both of these options give you a professional web presence that seems to be lacking today in the limo and party bus industry.

Maybe you are new to the limo business and are perhaps over your head?  CCO has years and years of experience in the limousine and party bus world and currently offers business consulting services.  Yep, you heard that right.  They give you the software and offer consulting to help you scale this business like no other.

Some of the problems we found with cloud based software on the market today is some of the other companies’ software only works on one web browser.  That isn’t the case with CCO as their system is 100% web based and you can use multiple browsers at your convenience.  Training is also a snap with them.  You can have your staff trained within hours so you don’t lose any time.  While CCO’s staff is training your people, they are also converting your old customer data into the new system.  Win/win situation right?

CCO’s core client base ranges from 1-50 vehicles but they designed the software to support giant worldwide fleets if that’s you.  All the data is secure as well at their national data center.  All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can run it from anywhere.

FastTrak Technologies

(800) 533-6440

FastTrak is another limousine software that we recommend trying for anyone with a limousine and party bus business.  They use the latest cloud technology to provide their customers with the best possible experience whether that be in the office or mobile.  This allows their clients to spend less time on the busy paperwork and more time out getting new business.  That’s the last thing you want to do with your company, getting so caught up in the daily grind that you don’t have time to secure more customers.

One of the most important aspects of an online business these days is data security.  As limousine and party bus companies, we deal with a lot of credit cards.  We often have no choice but to store these cards somewhere and the answer isn’t in a notebook on our desks.  Employees, hackers and other thieves target small business credit card data on a daily basis.  What has FastTrak done about this?  They have a global server network to provide completely secure data storage.  Each day, the system backs up your data and sends it to this secure location.  The information is securely encrypted and stored on triple redundant cloud servers.

FastTrak doesn’t stop there though with the innovations and security.  They also offer a wide range of add-ons, or 3rd party products like credit card processing, flight tracking, SMS texting, limolink, GDS services, TripIT, website booking widgets, and even mobile apps.  With all these features, how is their customer service?  As we all know, the more advanced a company is, they better have a good customer service department!  FastTrak has been around for roughly 18 years now and have been one of the leading suppliers of limo and party bus software since day one.  They pride themselves on how fast their customer service department operates and how fast a customer can expect a call back.

FastTrak Technologies provides everything you need to run your limo and party bus company.  From scheduling, and dispatch, to billing and scheduled ground transportation they have got you covered.  They have thousands of satisfied clients all across the globe.  The majority are in the USA but they also advertise having many customers in Puerto Rico, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and even Australia.  If you’re on the fence about trying out FastTrak then that should be comforting to know.  If other companies are happy then why wouldn’t you be?

Book Rides Online

Book Rides Online is simply one of the better limousine and party bus office software out there.  They make it easy for their clients to manage vehicles and drivers, manage reservations being made either online or via phone, as well as interacting with your clients.  Also, the process of communicating with your drivers is as simple as a click of a button with BRO.

One of the main components of any limo software is without a doubt credit card processing.  There are a million credit card processing companies out there and they all have sales pitches, and use big words to get you to sign up with them.  Book Rides Online is a company you can trust to help you get all setup.  Already have an, Braintree, or Stripe API?  As soon as you download the BRO software you can start taking payments immediately.  It’s always good to ask for advice when choosing a credit card processing company and what better of a source than BRO?  After all, they have years of experience in the industry and know what rates and plans are great for limo operators.  Their software works seamlessly with multiple credit card processing accounts giving you the ability to manage your money better.

It’s always refreshing to be researching a potential software company and find out they are completely transparent with their pricing.  BRO is one of those companies.  They advertise their software costs just $50 a month and you even get the first 30 days free with no obligation.  There are no maintenance and support costs either.  No pricing tiers at all and best of all, no setup fees. You don’t even have to worry about installation.  Just $50 a month, everything included. If you don’t love it, cancel any time, no obligation and no contracts.

Book Rides Online’s software runs in the cloud, not downloaded onto your computer.  Because their software isn’t stored on your computer, you don’t have to worry about any installation. All you need is a connection to the internet and any device, such as computer, tablet, or cell phone.  They designed their software this way so that it runs on any operating system and with any browser.  So basically, your drivers and clients can be apple fans or android fans, mobile or desktop users, it all works!

BRO is also big on feedback.  They advertise that their customers’ input is what helps shape their ever evolving software.  One of the main features is their completely user friendly portal design.  This lets you manage your business anywhere on any device without needing a ton of training.  You can schedule and dispatch drivers and vehicles, send emails and text messages, and even process credit cards from any device that will allow you to log in to their software.

How does the dispatching process work?  With their new SMS/Email-to-Phone dispatching they have made it easy for you to dispatch drivers to clients.  The drivers you employee even have the option to accept or reject trips that have been assigned to them.  Then, during the trip, their mobile interface allows drivers to be in control of the run.  Their vehicle mileage is recorded, they are prompted to check the vehicle for defects, record their time in, arrival, pickup, drop off and even timeout with a simple click of a button.  That isn’t all though.  Everything is recorded and stored securely in the cloud so you can print your trip sheets if you desire.  Do you have a lot of repeat business?  Why not allow these customers to log in themselves and make reservations directly from your website?  All it takes is a little customizing to your liking and your clients will be ready to book without talking to anyone!  Frees up your time doesn’t it?

One of the newer additions to Book Rides Online is the enhancement of their online reservation form by giving you, the owner, the ability to set up pricing tables to provide instant quotes to your clients for an even better experience.  This is great for your staff as well.  One of the difficulties with hiring someone who gives pricing over the phone is actually getting them to quote accurately.  This software takes the guesswork out of it.

Book Rides Online utilizes the popular google maps app as well.  This allows your staff and drivers features such as the following:  autocomplete address look-ups, mapping out the entire run including stops, and the greatest GPS navigation tool on the internet today.  BRO really utilizes the best tools on the web to bring you and your clients the very best customer experience.

What are we all looking for in a limo service software?  Something that saves us time right?  Aren’t you tired of typing up quote emails?  If you sign up with BRO, they take care of every type of email you could possibly need to send to anyone associated with your business.  Every quote, confirmation, invoice, and receipt email is now sent out with the click of a button.  Sounds too easy but that’s what BRO is all about.  In addition to this, all your emails are sent out with your company logo and contact info included.  You want to look as professional as possible right?  The emails even display perfectly on a mobile device.  That’s a super attractive feature because 47% of every email opened last year was from a mobile device.

The Hudson Group Transportation Software

(978) 531-1115

Hudson Group’s limousine and party bus software is some of the most diverse and useful software we found.  Perhaps the best part of their application is their ‘Hudson Ground Transportation System Web Reservations Manager’.  This is basically an online booking tool for your clients.  Once you sign up with Hudson, you simply place a “Reserve Now!” link or button on your website and when your customer clicks on it, a customized reservation screen will appear.  It is here where a customer is then able to check fares, vehicle availability, and even complete their reservation quickly and easily 24/7 from anywhere in the world!  If you don’t want to use the complete Hudson software, then they can always get you setup with just the reservation booking tool on your existing website and nothing more.  Some of the other features of this software are real time reservations and price quotes completed on mobile phones, tablets, or even your antique desktop.  Hudson also supports multiple types of vehicles, multiple payment types, and instant emailed confirmations, receipts, tickets, and boarding passes.  Hudson will also allow you to enable or hide the types of reservations you are willing to accept, whether that be bus, car, airplane, cruise ship, or train. 

Did we mention that Hudson is completely mobile friendly?  All versions of their software are specifically designed for web enabled mobile phones and tablets.  The screens and reservation process have been designed to work on these smaller screen sizes. 

Hudson knows that no two limo companies operate the same way.  As a result, any limo software you choose must be flexible and changeable to meet different demands.  Now, this is where Hudson gets a little different.  They designed their software with the ability for the customer to manage and configure the site to their own liking.  Gone are the days of calling customer service and paying a premium to have this done.  Just do it yourself.  Who’s got the control now? 

The first component of your Hudson system is the ‘Agent Application’. This software is used by your staff to complete new order entry and revise or cancel previously booked reservations.  This is also the location that profiles are stored and managed as well.  Profiles allow you to track client preferences, discounts, payment types, contact information and much more.  Credit card authorizations and payments may also be taken in real-time while the booking party is still on the phone with you.

The Hudson Dispatch Application allows you to assign drivers, vehicles, communication devices, etc. to each of your reservations.  Reservations can also be combined in this application to create trips, grouping of reservations traveling from the same region at the same time and traveling to a common final location.  Also, within this application, messages can be sent to drivers and customers and return messages from them may also be monitored.  Some additional neat features of this application are that maps can be viewed and printed, showing pickup and drop-off locations.  Additionally, if your vehicles are GPS enabled, vehicle location may also be tracked from point A to point B and everywhere in between.   

Hudson also doubles as its own convenient accounting software.  Here, credit cards can be batched and submitted before, during, or after the booking.  This is a great feature for someone that keeps track of the numbers and wants to know the real time status of their business.  For those owners that have their own accounting software, Hudson supports third party integration.  Their voiceless communication system is also state of the art and pretty impressive.  Drivers can receive reservations to their mobile device and can respond with the following responses; Received, In Route, Client on Board, Dropped Off, and more.  All this with the push of a button!  No more phone calls, texts or risking bad reviews from your driver texting or talking on the phone while driving.

During your runs, it’s often a pain to itemize all the trip expenses as well.  With Hudson, your drivers can electronically itemize such items as tolls, waiting time, service extras, fuel, tips, etc.  Then this form is electronically sent to the back office once the trip is over.  All you have to do next is verify, bill, and go home! 

Those of us with any credit card processing knowledge know that when you swipe a card you pay less than if you take it over the phone.  How much money would you save if all your drivers carried portable readers to take cards in person from the customer?  Hudson allows this capability with both wired and wireless readers.  They are also one of the only companies that gives you the option to put a chat box on your website.  This allows you, the business owner, to know what pages a particular person has accessed as well as give the customer the option to chat live with you or your staff.  Increased sales anyone?

And that’s not all folks!  Hudson also does search engine optimization, web development, advertising, content marketing, and even reputation management.  Quite the company here!

Limosys Software

(212) 222-4433

One of the great reasons to partner with Limosys Software is because they have been around for a while.  Since 1989, they have been the leading provider of limousine and party bus software management on the market today.  They combine a great product with excellent service, training, and support.

The first and biggest part of Limosys’ business is their limousine management software.  This great program helps limousine and party bus owners to manage their entire operation.  Everything from the maintenance of accounts to invoicing and even paying drivers.  To sum it up, they want you to focus on what you do best, sell, sell, sell.  With Limosys, you also have more time to focus on the important aspects of your business and not your software.   They support the ability for your customers to download your app and begin making reservations without contacting anyone at your office.  That’s a time saver right there!  Imagine if your repeat customers didn’t tie up the phone lines so often!

Limosys also is a completely mobile solution.  With their software you can enjoy GPS, two way data, and even swipe credit cards on the go!  It can be downloaded via OTA and is compatible with any merchant account.  Also, who doesn’t need a web presence these days?  Is yours looking good or could it use a tune up?  Limosys does custom websites as well as template websites for their customers.

One of the truly great features of Limosys Software is their ability to allow limousine and party bus owners to get real time tracking of exactly where their fleet is at all times!  Forget calling the drivers, you already know where they are by looking at a computer screen!  Their mobile apps also allow you to use a feature called Push-to-talk.  You can press a button on the app and instantly communicate with your driver.  Call recording is also supported which is useful when miscommunications occur.

Something that we at Denver Party Ride found very interesting was their web service that allows you to communicate with any other limousine and party bus companies that also use Limosys.  The implications of this are huge.  If you give others permission, they can farm in, farm out, modify, cancel jobs, and even get up to date info on job progress.  Pretty cool Linksys!

If you think that Limosys is the software for you and your company then the setup process is a breeze!  Every new customer starts with an in depth consulting process with an industry expert.  This is to determine if Limosys would even be useful to your company or not.  The point of this phone call is also to determine how you run your business so that they can recommend the appropriate package to best suit your needs.

If they determine you are a potential client of theirs and everyone agrees on terms, their sales team will help you access the new software and even assist you with uploading past client info into the new system.


(888) 554-6624

LimoLive24 is one of the best limousine and party bus software for increasing revenue, upselling your customers, and giving you, as the owner, more time to focus on growing your business.  Their software is a little bit different from the rest of the companies in this review.  They actually allow you to use their VIP rated customer service center.  What does this mean for you?  Basically, LimoLive24 takes the calls you would normally take and books the job for you as well as upselling your clients, canceling and editing existing reservations, driver locates, short notice dispatching, etc.  All correspondences back to you is sent via email or text message in real time or can be batched during specific times of the day for auditing purposes.

Their software is affordable at as low as $.50 an hour all the way up to $5 an hour.  Cheaper than hiring your lazy cousin to do the booking and reservation work for you.  They offer multiple packages based on your needs as the limo operator.  Don’t worry about picking the wrong package though.  They offer a risk free trial for prospective members in order to evaluate what your business needs and how to determine your requirements.

So, what other services do they offer besides 24/7 365 booking assistance?  They also do driver wake up calls, driver status calls, driver locates, and various other lead generation services such as web design, SEO, PPC campaigns, as well as email monitoring.  With LimoLive24, you are essentially outsourcing your business to them for a low fee every month.  Let the professionals do it is what we say.  Forget about training, HR problems, payroll taxes, etc.  LimoLive24 is definitely a company you should look into further if you’re good at sales but not managing people.

Maybe you are wondering if LimoLive24 will keep everything safe.  I mean, they are gathering customer info, credit cards, and other sensitive info on your customers.  Before you begin with them, there is a contract they sign stating that your info is 100% confidential.  They also have each and every one of their employees sign a confidentiality agreement and their operational centers have 24/7 surveillance as well as call monitoring to make you feel at ease.

LimoLive24 is not a software like the other companies on this list but they do work with and have been trained on all the major livery software providers on the market today.  You are free to use them as well as choose another company from this list.  LimoLive24’s employees can even learn a new software they aren’t used to because their staff are experts in the transportation industry.  New systems are a breeze for them.  After all, they currently process over 1000 reservations per day for their clients.

So how does this all work you ask?  LimoLive24’s staff will interact with your clients, affiliates, and fleet as if they were sitting in your office.  They process new reservations, cancellations, and update existing reservations.  During the run, they will monitor your fleet and do driver locates periodically.  All their calls are recorded.  If you don’t have any livery software then they also provide their own as well if this is the route you want to take.   Their software is a generic kind to help you get started.  It works though and if you don’t want to, you never need to switch your software from theirs.


(888) 554-5980

RideBits is one of the more modern and powerful ways for limousine and party bus companies to accept and manage trip bookings both from a desktop as well as any mobile device you can imagine.  With that being said, it’s also one of the more simple software’s we have reviewed in this list.  They are so confident in their program being a fit for your company they even offer a 14 day free trial.

It’s great to find a software company these days that is completely mobile.  Customers are gravitating towards using cell phones and tablets almost exclusively.  RideBits has you covered in this regard.  It’s so mobile friendly that you can even dispatch trips to your drivers via their mobile iPhone and android apps.  The drivers are then able to accept or reject trips instantly.  Nothing is lost in this process which is comforting to any limousine or party bus company.  RideBits also happens to be very well integrated with google maps and your customer addresses are easily auto-completed to simplify the reservation process.

With RideBits, your customers will be able to book a vehicle without even calling your staff.  All they have to do is download your app and they can see your entire fleet complete with pricing.  You’ve got some great vehicles right?  Now is your chance to show case them online with high resolution photos and specific details.  As far as the pricing aspect of their app goes, customers can choose different pricing structures like hourly rates, distance based rates, flat rates, or a combination.  If your customers choose to book via your website, then the previous information should be of great assistance to them.  When they call your reservation line, all their information and reservation details are easily auto populated into the admin system.  Keep track of everything, no more writing down notes on paper!

Credit card processing is also a breeze with RideBits.  Use your own account or ask them for a recommendation.  They will be happy to assist you.  If you’re using Stripe or Braintree then RideBits can already sync information with their system.  You can also securely collect and verify credit cards at the time of booking.  This allows you to charge the credit cards the appropriate amount based on your billing policies whenever you are ready.  All credit card data is securely stored into your own Stripe or Braintree payment accounts.

Limousine Management Systems (LMS)


LMS, or Limousine Management Systems is one of the oldest and most reliable limousine software systems you can buy on the market today.  Since 1983, they have been accommodating limousine and party bus companies literally around the world.  They provide owners with a completely automated system that both manages and controls their entire business.  They advertise that they are pioneers in the limo software world.  Now this doesn’t mean you should look elsewhere for a newer software company.  Feel confident in the decades of experience this company has to offer.  Their software has gone through many revisions to make it into what it is today.  Their product, LMS Gold for Windows, is one of the simplest, yet highly effective software you can buy.

Are you tired of entering client information over and over?  With LMS Gold, all you have to do is enter it one time.  The system will auto populate it when creating a reservation.  When the booking goes LIVE and the customers are being chauffeured around, the software will notify the driver of important landmarks and other areas of interest along the route.  Informative drivers receive more tips right?  Various stages of each of your runs are even color coded in the dispatch screen and there are automated alerts that allow you to know exactly what is happening.  On this screen you are able to edit anything about the reservation as well as page the chauffeur.  Flight arrival times are also easily monitored and updated on a regular basis.

A lot of limo and party bus companies have a number of people they employ to help run the business.  Customer data is very important to keep safe and maybe some of these employees just can’t be trusted with personal data.  LMS has solved this problem by assigning customized levels of security for each employee.  Rest assured with LMS, your valuable data can only be accessed by those who are supposed to have that information.

With the LMS invoicing feature, you are able to make immediate payments.  In fact, once a reservation has been booked, a large number of invoices are available for printing, faxing, and even emailing.  One of the biggest problems with limo and party bus companies these days are the chauffeurs.  There is typically a high turnover and much confusion as to what they are getting paid among other things as well.  With LMS, there is a feature that allows you to set up a complete profile for each driver.  When one of your drivers accepts a job, the program automatically calculates the pay the drivers will receive for that run.  The software lists earnings, gratuity, commission and reimbursements if applicable.  It also tracks past runs, when a driver is available, and creates automatic alerts notifying you when the driver’s license, drug test and DMV check have expired.

That’s not all folks!  With LMS, the software also tracks your fleet by recording gross earnings and profit on each vehicle you own.  It even alerts you when scheduled maintenance is due.  Imagine the implications of this.  As a limousine owner, you are going to be able to provide accurate pricing for each vehicle, know what the break-even point is and be able to mark up from there.  Also with LMS, you receive access to just about any report you can possibly imagine for your business.  This includes but is not limited to referrals, customer sales, commissions, chauffeur income and more.  They even have a section which details all your farmed out and farmed in deals.  Who they came from, how much you paid, how much you owe etc.  Pretty cool LMS!

LMS also give you the option to reserve online through your website.  How great is that?  As soon as they book a run you are notified and you can either accept or reject the booking.  Why wouldn’t you want this amazing feature on your website?  It comes complimentary with the software and only adds value to your business.

The credit card processing is also pretty cool at LMS.  Enter all the credit card information into the software instead of using a bulky machine.  The software takes care of the entire transaction for you easily and efficiently.  Maybe you are worried about security and your employees altering your software?  LMS Gold records all changes made to any data by your employees.  Are the drivers changing their pay?  You will know instantly with LMS Gold what is going on in your entire organization.  LMS is definitely a service to check into!