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Denver’s Elite 20 Sports and Activities Bars

It seems like there are thousands of bars in the Denver area and more are being opened every week. Without doing much research you can find an establishment that will serve you alcohol pretty much anywhere you go in and around the city. They are located in strip malls, downtown, and even inside sports arenas and concert venues. They serve craft beers, cocktails, mixed drinks, international beer, and the standard national beer brands. So you might not think you need to be reading this bar review but hold on just a second. This isn’t any regular review on bars per say. This review is for the type of bars that contain a multitude of activities and games to play while inebriating.

We at Denver Party Ride are the type of people that do not like to just sit at a bar and socialize. We enjoy playing a good game of pool, darts, arcade games, or even shuffleboard while drinking the night away. This review will highlight only the best of the best of this type of drinking establishment in the Denver area. If an activities bar is on this review then you know it will provide you with a quality gaming experience while also excelling in the alcohol, food, and service aspect. So with no further ado, I give you Denver’s Elite 20 Sports and Activities Bars in no particular order.

#1 Stoney’s Bar and Grill

Stoney's Bar and Grill Top 20 Bars in Denver

Address: 1111 Lincoln St. Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-830-6839

The first sports and gaming bar to be featured in our list of Denver’s greats is called Stoney’s and it’s a must experience kind of place. Perhaps one of the best on this list, Stoney‘s has just about everything you could want in a sports bar. It’s also got a really cool cult following that is fun to be a part of while there.

The games at Stoney’s are placed all around the establishment. They have something for everyone. Arcade games like Mega Stacker, Deer Hunter, Golden Tee, and more are available for only a few quarters. Not into arcade games? Then try their pool tables, dart boards, free throw game, and their punching game. They even have a whole brand new section they just opened up containing an artificial turf patio and smoking area. Based on our description of all the games in the bar, you can probably figure out that Stoney’s is a huge place. Hundreds of people could pack in there but with plenty of seating, they have you covered at all times.

The first thing you notice when you walk into this sports bar is the large koi pond containing what appears to be toy lizards in it. We don’t blame them for not having any fish though because we imagine live fish and drunk people don’t go together too often anyway. Some of the special activities that Stoney’s has are trivia nights, multiple nights of live music a week, a special seat for 6 that was converted from an old gondola, and occasional crawfish boils! Stoney’s also heralds itself as a very green company and was actually named by the city of Denver as a certifiably green business. They even have compost and recycle programs there so you know that your empty will go to a good place. As far as the drinks go, you can choose between 37 beers and a ton of spirits. More alcohol than you could ever try during your night out. The full menu of food is also top notch with nothing even close to bar food being served. It appears like great lengths went into the menu at Stoney’s as the food was absolutely delicious and seconds seemed like a great idea!

There is really nothing bad to say about Stoney’s. The whole time we were there was a good experience. It’s the premiere place to go in Denver for sports and gaming bars. Great food, great service, and great activities in the greatest city in the USA!

#2 Bender’s Sports Bar and Grill

Bender's Sports Bar and Grill Review

Address: 10710 Westminster Blvd. Westminster, CO 80021
Phone: 303-974-5215

One of the most outstanding sports bars in the northwestern Denver area is Bender’s Bar and Grill. The bar is actually not located in Denver but very close. It’s located in Westminster and for those not familiar with the area, the bar is about 10 minutes from downtown Denver. The goal of this review was to give as many people as many options for sports and gaming bars located near them so that’s why Bender’s is included.

Bender’s is a hockey themed bar as it’s located within the Ice Centre at Promenade and actually boasts a great view of the ice rink located just next door. The walls are decked out with all sorts of memorabilia from college to professional sports. In fact, you can probably find some memorabilia from your favorite team from any city if you look hard enough. From the outside, Bender’s appears to be an expensive bar. It’s a huge and well maintained place but don’t let that fool you into thinking this place is pricey. They have different types of food and drink in a whole wide range of costs. There is something for every budget here.

Outside they have a great patio with fire pits to keep you warm during the cold Denver winters. Starting in the spring however, it boasts a breathtaking view of a large body of water running right past the front of the bar. Parking isn’t too difficult to find considering this place is always packed. You may have to walk a little ways but there is always space. This is also one of the only bars on this review list that offers a breakfast menu on the weekends. How cool is that? You get to choose your breakfast from a full menu on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 11 am.

Bender’s is a goldmine for activities and bar games. They have it all. Pool tables, football, air hockey, Rampage, and a whole slew of claw and candy dispensing games. If you want to see a particular sports game that your local cable company doesn’t offer then go to Bender’s. They have every single sports package you could possibly want. Everything! The best part is there is no shortage of flat screen televisions there. Don’t worry about not being able to find your game though. The service at Bender’s is excellent and any waitress will be happy to find the correct game for you on any of the televisions above. Not into the activities for some reason? They also have fish fries, poker tournaments, and trivia events on a weekly basis.

Bender’s is a must see and experience if you are looking for a great sports bar near you. They have a little bit of everything for everyone there without the high bar tab you might currently be used to. Debating going to Dave and Busters right across the street? Hit up Bender’s instead for cheaper and better food and activities. Go Blackhawks!

#3 Blake Street Tavern

Blake Street Tavern

Address: 2301 Blake Street Denver, CO 80205
Phone: 303-675-0505

When officially entering the LoDo district of downtown Denver from the I-25, one almost immediately finds the Blake Street Tavern just off the highway on the left hand side. It’s actually hard to miss as it’s one of the biggest bars in the neighborhood. It’s also within walking distance from a number of other bars and restaurants, so bar hopping is a must when visiting. Checking out a Rockies’ game? Why not stop by Blake Street Tavern before the big event? After all, it’s literally a two minute walk to the stadium from there.

As stated earlier, this tavern is big. In fact, it’s 18,000 square feet big! The main floor is a sit down restaurant that boasts a first class menu, comfortable and private seating, as well as what seems like hundreds of flat screen televisions to watch. This floor also has at least 50 board games to play for free, a very luxurious outdoor patio area, also with flat screen televisions, and a gas fire pit. At times during the week they routinely do trivia but get there early because it’s pretty damn popular. If that isn’t enough for you, there are various other activities on this floor like a few random arcade games which are always fun and a few pool tables. Whew, and that’s just the first floor!

The reason we decided to write about Blake Street Tavern being a sports or gaming bar though is for its basement alone. Like most houses, the games are held in the basement, the same applies to this tavern. There are games down there we had never even seen before in a bar. Some examples are giant Connect 4, cornhole sets, basketball pong, giant Jenga, ping pong, skee-ball, and more. I mean this place is perfect to make the list of 20 gaming bars in Denver! It is an all-around blast being there.

So aside from all the games, Blake Street Tavern also boasts a multitude of beers on tap and a wide variety of cocktails and spirits for you to enjoy while playing games galore in the basement. The menu? Don’t come here expecting bar food that’s for sure. This tavern boasts a restaurant style full menu complete with a number of appetizers and entrees that definitely won’t leave you wanting.

Blake Street Tavern is a must see and experience if you’re the gaming type. We at Denver Party Ride have never experienced a sports bar quite like it. If you’re like us and need something to do while getting your drink on then no place is better than the Blake Street Tavern!

#4 Gibby’s Big Backyard Sports Bar and Grill


Address: 1555 South Havana St. Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: 303-755-5944

As far as really awesome sports and gaming bars go, Gibby’s Big Backyard is a contender for number one activities bar in all of the Denver area. It’s located at the end of a strip mall in the nicer area of Aurora, which isn’t Denver, but it’s worth a little drive for sure. At first, it has the appearance of being just another sports bar located near a strip mall. What separates this one from all the others is that it has two gigantic regulation size sand volleyball courts on the back patio. I mean, how many bars do you know of that host sand volleyball leagues and tournaments on their own property? It doesn’t even stop there though. They also have six beer pong tables, cornhole, frisbee golf, lawn darts, and even something called can jam which you should experience while there. Those are just a sampling of games to be played outside and we haven’t even gotten to the interior yet! They have a bunch of picnic tables outside as well if you are needing to get fresh air. The bar also extends to the back patio so you don’t even have to go all the way inside to order more drinks.

The inside of the bar is amazingly well done. They have a whole slew of activities to do such as Megatouch, electronic darts, pool, Golden Tee, Buck Hunter, a free throw game, House of Dead arcade game, skee-ball, air hockey, a punch game, Jenga, shuffleboard, and a slew of free board games as well. Whew, did we mention them all? I mean, Gibby’s has something for everyone and great care has been taken by their owners to make this happen.

The actual bar area is also very socially friendly. It’s hard to explain in words but Gibby’s has a custom designed seating area to allow for socialization among patrons. It’s not a circle or a square format like most establishments have. You sit at the bar and about 8 feet in front of you is the other side of the bar with seats around it as well. It’s a great interior area to meet people that way. Kudos to whoever designed the bar like that.

The food at Gibby’s is also super delicious and they serve up a lot of it. The menu looks like you are at a five star restaurant without the associated cost. They do occasional barbeques and such with their onsite smoker as well. You also know that the food is fresh there as they advertise themselves as being a scratch kitchen, which means nothing is frozen. Trust me, get at least an appetizer there just to taste how great the food is.

It’s also nice to find a bar that is well maintained. I mean in most bars you go to with pool tables, the cues are either non-existent or damaged beyond repair. This place replaces their felt every two months and the cues every two weeks!

For people looking for a great sports bar with just about everything possible to do, head over to Gibby’s and you won’t be disappointed! This is probably the best place on this list of 20 sports and gaming bars to meet new people. With so many activities, it’s almost impossible not to. Check it out, Denver Party Ride recommends it!

#5 Hayter’s and Co. as well as Tap XIV


Address: 1920 Blake Street Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-297-8279

Everyone likes fresh and new don’t we? Well Hayter’s and their rooftop patio called Tap XIV, is the newest and greatest bar setup to open up in Denver’s LoDo district. Maybe you have heard of it before as Hayter’s but they recently did a makeover on their rooftop terrace and that area is now called Tap XIV. It was a great place before but now it is amazing from top to bottom. You walk in on the main floor of Hayter’s and the first thing you notice are the 5 or 6 beer pong tables to your right. Activity score right there! The bar area is also huge and they serve what seems like unlimited types of beers on tap.

As for activities, the main floor has a few key games that are fun. Two sets of giant Jenga caught our eye which is good since at least one set is normally free to be used. Another really cool feature of this establishment is that they have a video DJ multiple times a week. What is a video DJ you ask? Well, it’s a DJ that plays music videos on all of the hundred flat screen televisions located on the first and second floor of the place. If you haven’t experienced a video DJ before then now is your chance to see something very epic in a Denver bar. Make sure to call and check on video DJ availability.

After taking the stairs or elevator. Yes we said elevator! You arrive at the newest rooftop garden in all of Denver, Tap XIV. This area got its official reopening for the first home game of the Rockies 2015 season. After doing extensive renovations and changes, the place looks fantastic. It’s always hopping during the day and night. It comes complete with roughly 30 picnic tables, a full bar, heaters, and an artificial turf floor, not to mention an amazing view of the city. This rooftop was Denver Party Rides favorite rooftop terrace on this list of 20 activities bars. If you do happen to get tired of the view, you can also play corn hole for free up there with your friends. After all there is plenty of room, the place is gigantic!

Every sports bar serves alcohol but not all alcohol is created equal. Tap XIV serves over 50 types of beers and 30 types of spirits. Yep, that’s right. If you’re a craft beer man then get yourself over there!

You can’t go wrong with Hayter’s or Tap XIV. We highly recommend them to anyone with a desire for something different for a change. They are high class establishments without the hefty price tag and also don’t leave much to be desired after spending an evening there. They have the games, the drinks, and the service that you are looking for in a quality sports bar for sure.

#6 Sports Column

Sports Column

Address: 1930 Blake Street Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-296-1930

Another really well done gaming bar is called the Sports Column and is conveniently located right next door to Coors Field. This place is a sports nuts heaven. The first thing you notice about the establishment are the team banners hanging seemingly everywhere from the ceiling. I’m talking hundreds of them, which really makes the place inviting for just about any sports fan anywhere. The next thing you notice is the walls are adorned with autographed sports memorabilia from many of the Colorado greats. Whoever decorated the place did a great job of really making it stick out as a sports bar. As usual, there are a ton of flat screen televisions with every game on possible and there are a few of them that are surprisingly big for a TV which is cool. The bar area to hang out in is a big open area with plenty of room for a ton of people to show up. As for drinks, Sports Column gives you the option between 18 beers on tap and a ton of cocktails and spirits so be prepared to wet the pallet when you get there.

As for the activities, immediately as you walk in you notice a photo booth machine on the far left side which is always fun when you’re getting your drink on. What steals the show though is the Sports Column’s free throw basketball hoop. Yes, you read that right, an actual basketball hoop with a net to catch your errant throws just in case you throw up an air ball. It’s free and a lot of fun. I mean, how often do you go to a bar and get to practice your free throw game? Aside from the photo booth and the free throw basket, they do also have a coin operated pool table, plenty of beer pong and even cornhole upstairs, which we will talk more about in a minute.

Upstairs is epic at the Sports Column. It’s got great views of the city as well as the vast majority of Coors field. It’s great to actually hear the roar of the crowd on game days. It’s also got a number of televisions so you can sit up there and still enjoy another game. They used to have a pool table on the roof as well but some angry dude threw a ball into a window and that table was gone the next day. As stated earlier, cornhole is available up there and a lot of fun. Need a refill? There is a separate bar as well so you don’t have to keep going downstairs.

Sports column is a great gaming bar when visiting Denver for the night. Perfect for tailgating before or after the Rockies’ game. Plus, it’s also good for practicing those free throws. Air ball!

#7 Ugly Dog Sports Café

Ugly Dog Cafe

Address: 1345 Cortez Street Denver, CO 80221
Phone: 303-428-3600

If you’re in Denver and you’ve got your furry dog friend with you then you have to check out the Ugly Dog Café for sure. This place, similar to the Watering Bowl at #13 on this review list, has a place where you can either kennel your dog or let it free in an enclosed area outside. There are also a lot of flat screen televisions in this bar and they advertise they have all the games from virtually every college and professional sport. Something that stood out in our minds was they have the absolute coolest table tops there. It’s like they are made of stainless steel and instead of one big table, there are actually two of them. It’s hard to explain but you will understand when you get there.

As far as the action goes, they have skee-ball, three pool tables, table tennis, giant Jenga, foosball, a punching game, Buck Hunter, a basketball game, beer pong and live bands every weekend so you can play these games to some great music! Now, the vast majority of us enjoy playing bar games but some people don’t for some unknown reason. We don’t understand it either but they do exist. So if you need a break from playing or drinking then you can have a seat in the bleachers within the bar. It’s a very cool idea and they are set up so they overlook the entire gaming section. Awesome! Also, some sports bars don’t keep up with their games and activities but The Ugly Dog Cafe sure does. They have a wide selection of good cues and the felt on their pool tables is always done well.

If you want a little eye candy then head there on a Saturday night and catch the waitresses’ wearing next to nothing. We have all seen Tilted Kilt girls or Hooter’s girls but the women at the Ugly Dog Cafe blow the competition away! Warning, this can be distracting while gaming it up! The bar also seems to be for those of us 30 or under. It really does draw a younger crowd. Ugly Dog Café appears to be in an up and coming area as there is currently lots of construction around the bar. New and greater things are coming for the area. Good for Ugly Dog and its loyal followers! The service is also top notch there. We never had a problem with any waitresses or bartender neglecting us or had a hard time getting a cold one no matter how busy they seemed to be.

Enjoy this bar. There are always cool people there, the drinks are great, and you get to bring your furry friend with you. It doesn’t get any better than that now does it?

#8 1up Arcade Bar

Photo By Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post

Photo By Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post

Address: 1925 Blake Street Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-736-2230

One of the best hidden gaming bars in Denver is definitely 1up Arcade Bar. You could classify it as either a sports bar, gaming bar, or just an arcade but it’s actually all three! Since we are writing about bars with a lot of activities to do, this place is a must see. At first glance, it’s very easy to pass right by without even knowing it’s there on Blake Street. It’s kind of down an alley and on the left hand side. No large sign is out front so I bet a lot of people miss this gold mine of a bar.

Once inside 1up, you are confronted with an arcade complete with rows of 16 pinball machines, 3 skee-ball lanes, and over 45 vintage video game machines. I’m talking about games from our youth like Contra, NBA Jam, 1943, Mario Brothers, a whole slew of ancient Atari games and more! It’s pretty much the best arcade/bar we have come across. We at Denver Party Ride grew up playing these very same arcade games on our consoles at home. 1up is also heralded as a great place for a date since playing arcade games and drinking is a great way to loosen up and get comfortable.

Aside from the arcade games, there is also a photo booth machine which is also great for when you’re drunk and funny. They do serve food at 1up as well and it’s quite good for an arcade and doesn’t come with a high price tag either. They have your standard bar food as well as a whole slew of appetizers and entrees. The type of beer there is a mixture of craft and national brands. They have over 14 beers on tap of which 12 are craft! Not bad for an arcade!

We at Denver Party Ride love to party and the next best thing to do while partying is to play video games from our youth. Kids these days have no idea what it’s like to only have an 8 bit system and still love it to death. Go spend some time at 1up and relive your childhood all over again. The games are fun and the people are very cool there. It’s officially Denver’s secret arcade for those of us 30 and over.

#9 Pub On Penn at Capitol Hill


Address: 1278 Pennsylvania Street Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-861-8638

Perhaps one of the best gaming and sports bars is located right on the corner of 13th and Pennsylvania in downtown Denver. Pub on Penn, as it is known, is exactly what their name describes. It’s a pub on Pennsylvania Street but there is so much more to this place than meets the eye!

Pub on Penn hosts a casual atmosphere where it seems like everyone, including yourself is a local. One walks in and immediately on the left hand side you will find a great big shuffleboard table. The bar then takes over your view with probably 30 seats all along it. Be sure not to forget the Megatouch game on top of the bar which is always fun and takes up hours of time at a gaming establishment. Just around the corner to the right is a door that leads to one of their two outdoor gated patios. These are great for the smoking crowd as well as someone looking to get a little bit of fresh air. Then you might think that was it for the entire bar. That is unless you looked to the left and caught a glimpse of one of their pool tables in a whole separate area of the bar accessed through some double doors in the back. This place is where the majority of the fun happens at Pub on Penn. Here you will find dart boards, foosball, pool tables, Buck Hunter, flip cup, and even a cornhole arcade game. How cool is that? They hold other less strenuous activities in this other area of Pub and Penn as well. Trivia and Texas Hold’em tournaments are also hosted there during the week.

Another super cool part of this gaming bar is they have incredible specials there such as $1 taco Mondays and Tuesday’s half priced appetizers. Pub on Penn also boasts a multitude of different types of beers conveniently on tap and has some killer cocktails if you want to go that route. The menu consists of both standard bar food and delicious entrees if you come hungry. Be sure to ask about their other food and drink specials to save some cash while there.

Come to Pub on Penn to watch any type of sports game you can imagine on one of their 10 flat screen televisions and enjoy their great sound system. Again, nothing bad to say about this gem of a bar. Check it out for sure if you’re in the area. It’s always a great time there and the locals make you feel completely accepted.

#10 Wyman’s No. 5


Address: 2033 East 13th Avenue Denver, CO 80206
Phone: 303-996-0842

Perhaps one of the coolest bars on this list is one of the easiest to pass up. It’s Wyman’s on the corner of Vine Street and 13th Avenue. It’s a Chicago sports themed bar and literally everything is Chicago sports centered. From their sports memorabilia on the walls to the menu of Chicago style delicious food, everything is Chicago in this place. I mean even the menu is “Da Menu” and the appetizers are “Da Appetizers.” It’s quite fun and adds a bit of humor to your day.

At Wyman’s, you get your choice of a number of beers and spirits but Old Style is the number one beer sold there! How ironic that it’s brewed up north! Da menu is also filled with Chicago style pizza, hot dogs, and delicious canoles. We couldn’t believe it but while we were there, the bartender kept leaving us to take “To Go” orders of deep dish pizza and Chicago style hot dogs. This place is a gem for authentic Chicago food for sure!

Perhaps the coolest part of Wyman’s is the number of gaming activities going on there year round. They even have skee-ball leagues. I mean what? You read it right but that’s not all they have to offer. They also have kickball leagues, basketball leagues and even rugby leagues! I mean amazing activities to help everyone get to know each other and facilitate fun date ideas. If you’re not into active games then they also have a very wide assortment of board games as well to play in the privacy of your own booth. Sounds like the perfect place? We aren’t even done yet so keep reading.

Wyman’s happened to win a prize in 2015 for having the best Bloody Mary garnish award. Perhaps you had no idea that there was such an award but boy did we find out why they were awarded! It’s a Bloody Mary with a slider through the straw. Alcohol and grease, what goes better? It’s the perfect hangover cure and is only offered on Sundays from open until about 5 in the afternoon.

This sports and gaming bar was a lot of fun and should be visited if at all possible while in Denver. The locals are all Chicago fans and a lot of fun. Make sure to try their pizza though as pizza doesn’t get any better than from Wyman’s. Go Bears!

#11 Jackson’s Denver


Address: 1520 20th Street Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-298-7625

If you are going to be attending a Rockies game this summer then there is one bar that should be a must experience before the big game. Its name is Jackson’s and the reason we recommend it is because it’s literally right across the street from Coors Field. We’re not talking down the road or around the corner, this place is literally NEXT DOOR! It’s an exciting bar to attend, obviously very loyal to the Rockies and filled with fun activities that you will enjoy. It’s been around since the first Rockies pitch in 1995 so it’s safe to say it isn’t going anywhere. Jackson’s is the perfect place to do your tailgating before the game if you don’t want to stand outside by your car the whole time. Who wants to be standing around when you could be in Jackson’s playing all sorts of games and drinking great craft beers?

Wow, this place has loads of activities to keep any game hungry person occupied at all times. It’s got skee-ball, power putt, air hockey, photo booth, and even a flat screen television in the floor. Yes, we said it, you walk in from their outdoor patio and immediately at your feet is a large television encased within the floor. It’s just a really cool touch to this huge sports and gaming bar. Aside from the television set in the floor, they also boast over 40 other flat screens located throughout the bar.

The food at Jackson’s is top notch. Make sure to get your grub on before entering Coors field as stadium food has nothing on this place. They feature a full restaurant menu with a ton of food on it. Big portions as well. Just browsing over the menu, you will find delicious sandwiches, a ton of appetizers, and over 8 different types of burgers. The drinks are also top notch and they have a ton of beers on tap, along with a whole slew of other mixed drinks to choose from.

Not into the activities at Jackson’s? They have multiple dance floors on both the first and second floors so you can get your groove on while enjoying their epic sound system. If that doesn’t get you excited then just know that Jackson’s also has stand-up comics that perform there, featured ladies nights, and even open bar power hours!

One of the coolest games we have seen in a while was the beer claw game at Jackson’s. It’s basically a “Claw” game that allows the paying customer to guide a gloved hand down to grab a beer and place it in the tray. If you can actually grab a beer and get it into the tray, you can take it to the bar and redeem it for an actual cold one. It’s a fun and unique game that only costs a dollar.

As you can probably guess, this place gets more than busy considering its location close to just about everything in the LoDo district. Coming on game day? Get there early as Jackson’s is the prime place to be before, during, and after the game. It’s a one of a kind experience to be there when the Rockies play. The roar of the crowd can be heard from Coors field as well as all around you at the bar there.

As stated before, the best part about Jackson’s is you can literally get your buzz on and walk 20 feet and you are at Coors field. The games are fun, the food is better, and there is a ton of room to bring as many of your friends as you want. Most of us will attend a Rockies game at least once this summer, don’t forget to include Jackson’s for your pre and post-game celebration activities!

#12 The Tavern Downtown

tavern downtown

Address: 1949 Market Street Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-299-0100

Wow, another bar extremely close to Coors Field and also located right in the heart of the LoDo district is The Tavern on Market Street. This place is absolutely amazing! It’s got a fully stocked restaurant menu, great selection of alcohol, and a ton of games to keep us attention deficit disorder people occupied at the bar. I mean, they actually have a miniature bowling alley with two lanes! How fun is that? There are also a ton of flat screen televisions in this establishment. Perhaps more per square foot than we have seen while frequenting this list of 20 sports and gaming bars in Denver.

Since The Tavern is right around the corner from Coors field, it does get packed but just go upstairs to the rooftop patio and you will be just fine. Up there you can enjoy great views of the city, feel the breeze, and maybe you want to play corn hole up there before the game anyway. Get a drink while you’re on the balcony too. You have 10 different types of beers on tap to choose from and a bunch of drink specials that will keep you buzzed throughout the night.

The Tavern is owned by a group that owns a multitude of other bars throughout the state. They have had plenty of practice at getting the bar industry right and The Tavern is no exception. It’s got an intimate dining area and furniture so cozy that you might feel like you’re sitting in your own home. When the owners decide to open up another bar, one of the main objectives was for it to take on the flavor and personality of the surrounding neighborhood. Step foot into The Tavern Downtown and you will understand what we are talking about.

So, you’ve checked out the upstairs and are tired of the cornhole up there. Then you are ready to play some games downstairs like shuffleboard, pool, or foosball. This place has it all as far as games are concerned.

Did we mention the menu is fabulous? Yep, the food is delicious there. They serve brunch through dinner and you really can’t go wrong with any selection. We recommend you sit right next to the interior fire pit as well. Sometimes there are candles lighting it and other times it’s a gas fire place. Either way, it’s a great addition to an excellent bar and restaurant.

When going to a Rockies game, this place is a must attend. Be with your fellow fans and cheer on the team at The Tavern like thousands and thousands do every summer! This sports bar is at the top of its game. Everything seems like it was designed to be high end yet affordable for fans everywhere. Even the architectural features of this bar are strikingly beautiful which is rather unique for a sports bar. If you are in the LoDo district and need a place to take down a meal or a beer then this is the place to visit. You won’t be disappointed!

#13 The Watering Bowl

Watering Bowl

Address: 5411 Leetsdale Drive Denver, CO 80246
Phone: 720-441-2695

If you are in Denver and you want to find a bar that has some really cool and revolutionary ideas, head over to The Watering Bowl on South Hudson and Leetsdale in Denver. It’s usually right next to a few party buses and stretch hummer limousines as someone must store them next door to the bar. Oh, did we tell you to bring your dog? Yep, you read that right. This place is a dog park and bar all within one roof. In fact, there is 7,000 square feet of space for your dog to run around and interact with other furry friends.

You walk into The Watering Bowl and there is a main floor which presents itself very openly. Very high ceilings and an obvious two floor setup complete with a rising staircase. The first floor has a dog park for small dogs just to your left and the huge 7,000 square foot artificial turf park is on the upper floor in a balcony like setting. All dogs and drunk owners are welcome there. Get a beer on either the first or second floor as well as they have three bars in total to choose from.

The Watering Bowl boasts a selection of over 12 craft beers on tap and a full restaurant menu. The food always comes out on time and is surprisingly good. Come on in for happy hour and save some money on the drinks and food but check their website for daily and weekly specials.

This bar has a lot of other cool aspects to it as well. For instance, they hold painting classes at random times throughout the month. Poker tournaments are also frequently held there if that happens to be your thing and they also have foam parties where they fill the whole bar with foam! How awesome would that be? There is so much to do at The Watering Bowl it’s ridiculous and we haven’t even mentioned all the bar games they have. Foosball, dart boards, three gigantic games of Jenga, a punch game, 2 pool tables in excellent condition, Galaga, and more are being added every week it seems like. So you bring your dog to The Watering Bowl, drink, and play bar games all night? Exactly! It’s a win/win for everyone and you don’t have to leave your fur kids at home!

If in Denver, and you have that furry friend of yours, you absolutely have to check this place out. Also, what better place to meet that special someone? After all, you already have the dog thing in common. This place will surprise you how fun it is. Get over there immediately!

#14 Milwaukee Street Tavern

Milwaukee Street Tavern

Address: 201 Milwaukee Street Denver, CO 80206
Phone: 303-320-4710

The Milwaukee Street Tavern is one cool place to hang out for any sports and gaming bar lover. It’s located in the Cherry Creek area of Denver on the corner of 2nd and Milwaukee Street and has a really cool neighborhood vibe to it. They have a ton of flat screen televisions on the walls which provides for a ton of games to be watched. They also have all the sports packages available so every single game you would like to watch is available to you at any time.

For games and activities, they don’t have a super wide variety, but what they do have will blow any gamers mind! A mini bowling alley in a bar always makes everything better. It’s just like regular bowling complete with an electronic scoring system but smaller softball sized balls are used. It’s unreal fun for those of us who like to get our drink on and get active. The best part is you only have to pay $3 and get to wear whatever shoes you showed up in! Having a two lane bowling alley alone makes it a must experience bar when in Denver. Come early though because there are only two lanes and they fill up quickly but there is a signup sheet.

They also have some fun electronic games within their Megatouch arcade game as well. It’s very similar to other Megatouches but still, it gives the bar some added entertainment should you be so inclined.

The menu contains just about everything you could ask for from a bar/restaurant. A wide selection of soups, salads, starters, sandwiches and burgers makes it very easy to make a selection. The food is cooked quickly even though the bar might be packed. They did a great job making sure the service is up to par with the décor and atmosphere there.

If you are a smoker or just need some outside time, they also have an enclosed patio just for you. There are lots of people passing by this bar all the time so this area is also great for people watching.

The general atmosphere of the Milwaukee Street Tavern is very sociable. The locals are fun and laid back even though this bar is in one of the nicer areas of Denver. If you are coming to this establishment then make sure to bring some singles for bowling and get prepared to meet some great folks there. There are a lot of bars to choose from in Denver but this one you can make your home!

#15 Wash Park Sports Alley

wash park

Address: 266 B South Downing Street Denver, CO 80209
Phone: 303-635-6691

Perhaps one of the coolest and wildest bars in Denver is the Wash Park Sports Alley. The name says it all as it’s a hop skip and jump away from Washington Park and is literally located in an actual alley. This makes it all the more appealing to us at Denver Party Ride as it’s kind of like our little hideaway.

The first thing you notice when you get to the bar is it isn’t the easiest to find. This is great because you might think not a lot of people frequent this place but you would be dead wrong. It’s also right next door to a Starbucks but hidden in the adjacent alley. It’s on a one way dead end drive and immediately next to it are the backs of houses along the alley. You will understand better when you get there. It was hard for us to believe the front door was in the alley but sure enough, that’s the only way to enter the bar but it sure is awesome inside.

Upon entering, you are greeted by a big flat screen television right above you as you walk down about 10-15 steps to gain access to the bar. This strategically placed TV was put there to allow smokers to hang out outside but still be able to watch the games. As soon as you get to the bottom of the stairs, you are greeted by a rather impressive game selection. We’re talking pinball games, skee-ball, Donkey Kong, a claw machine called Pirates Chest, heads up poker, giant Jenga, NBA Jam, a pool table, and even Guitar Hero. It’s great that you get to walk in and see the games first because you know what you get to work with before you even start to get your drink on. Something unusual but very cool about the skee-ball game is that for high scores, you can win either a free beer, a free shot, or 10 free chicken wings! The point system is as follows; 390 points gets you the beer, 420 gets you the shot, and 520 gets you the wings. It’s addicting and very challenging, better hit some of those 100’s!

One necessary aspect that is often overlooked in bars is the free popcorn machine. I mean, it costs the bar literally nothing to provide and gives drinking customers something to munch on while hanging out. It’s a win/win scenario. Wash Park Sports Alley has you covered in this respect.

Do 26 flat screen televisions get your attention? They have every game you can imagine on those televisions and all the UFC and Boxing fights are free at this bar. Yes, free. Never heard of that before have you?

The food and drinks from the menu are outstanding. Don’t expect regular bar food there. It’s a nicer place with appetizers like Macaroni Bites and BBQ pork nachos to keep you full while gaming it up. Need more than an appetizer? They have a whole host of entrees and such as well. Thirsty? They have over 34 different types of beers which is fantastic because there is something for everyone. They also host a ton of activities like poker tournaments, and have 50 cent wing nights which always brings a big crowd.

This bar is really unique for this list. We tend to like unusual places and Wash Park Sports Alley doesn’t make any exceptions. Be careful or you might pass it by!

#16 The Irish Hound


Address: 575 Saint Paul Street Denver, Colorado 80206
Phone: 303-996-0709

Perhaps one of the best of the best sports bars in the Cherry Creek north area is called The Irish Hound. The main reason it’s great is because it’s located in the ritzy Cherry Creek area but doesn’t come with the high price tag customary for bars in that area. As the name indicates, it’s an Irish bar which means it’s always a good merry time there.

The Irish Hound has your typical multitude of flat screen televisions and has every game you can possibly imagine on them at all times. They host UFC and boxing events as well for a small cover. Bring your laptop or tablet if you want because they offer free Wi-Fi while there. Not bad Irish Hound!

The bar is also located conveniently in a neighborhood area which allows the locals to just walk over and have a beer whenever they want. Sticking with their name, the menu is decked out with unreal good Irish food. It’s got just about anything you might want and is very good for a sports and gaming bar. We recommend the brunch burger with their homemade potato chips.

The Irish Hound is not the biggest bar but there is usually plenty of space to have a seat, chat with friends, or get involved with some activities. As far as these activities go, The Irish Hound offers pool, shuffleboard, and a rad global arcade classics game which enthralls everyone. The atmosphere there is also a lot of fun. Many locals and strangers alike come there to meet new friends, have a beer and a burger, play some competitive games, and just enjoy themselves.

Not all sports bars are alike and The Irish Hound stood out to us as a 10/10 bar. Great food, great service, great games, and great beers. They carry your normal Irish beers and a ton of others for you to enjoy.

When it comes to big games, there is a projector that comes down from the ceiling to provide a pleasurable viewing experience. Also, enjoy happy hour twice a day which at The Irish Hound is always fun. Get there from 3 to 7pm and 10pm to close. The specials vary from $4 fireballs to $6 Moscow mules.

Not Irish? It doesn’t matter. This bar is always a great time for all nationalities and shouldn’t be missed. After all, the Irish know how to party better than anyone. Let them show you!

#17 Candlelight Tavern

candle light tavern

Address: 383 South Pearl Street Denver, CO 80209
Phone: 303-778-9530

Those of us who like to play bar games are usually rather familiar with dive bars. After all, it seems like the more expensive preppy bars don’t carry games for some reason. The Candlelight Tavern is a self-proclaimed dive bar, but it’s the coolest dive bar in the city. It doesn’t look like a sports or gaming bar from the outside but don’t let that fool you. It’s got all the games any gamer could possibly want to play. They have two dart boards, two giant Jenga games, two pool tables, shuffleboard, Big Buck Hunter, and you can always bring your own board games to have a great time there.

Then there is the food. Picture greasy bar food but imagine out of this world good and you have the food at Candlelight Tavern. Go ahead and look up the reviews on their menu online if you don’t believe us. They have the best simplest burgers in the entire city people say. We recommend the Jalapeno cream cheese burger but there are multiple varieties to choose from. The drinks are great as well. A ton of selections of beer and hard liquor won’t leave you thirsty. It’s a small intimate bar with various sports memorabilia and neon signs on the walls. If you’ve been to the Candlelight Tavern before, you know they have a very loyal customer base. The locals are a lot of fun and bartenders and waitresses are just as good.

If you are just coming to Candlelight Tavern to watch your favorite team then you are in luck. They have plenty of flat screen television sets situated conveniently around the bar. Not only that, they also have access to virtually every sporting event imaginable so watching your game won’t be that hard here. Make sure to ask about their specials during Broncos games as well. Three dollar hamburgers until 5pm is what brings us there on Sundays!

If you haven’t been to Candlelight Tavern then you are missing out on the best dive bar we have ever experienced. Not only do they have the games we’re all looking for, but they have a friendly atmosphere as well. It’s just comfortable to be there which can’t be said for a lot of dive bars no matter where you live. Go there and check it out the next time you’re in the area. Get there early for the games and stay late, that’s how they do it at Candlelight Tavern!

#18 Swingers Sports Lounge and Grill


Address: 9535 Park Meadows Drive Lone Tree, CO 80124
Phone: 303-799-0099

One of the most unique bars to make the list of 20 elite gaming establishments in the Denver area is Swingers Sports Lounge and Grill. This place is an upscale golf themed sports bar complete with golf memorabilia plastered all along the walls of the place. It’s located in a small area tucked away in the corner of a building near Park Meadows Mall. It may be hard to find for newcomers but don’t let this stop you from visiting them as soon as possible. They have every game available to watch on their multitude of extremely large flat screen televisions positioned everywhere around the place.

No sports bar is complete without a patio and Swingers doesn’t disappoint. They have a great outdoor area complete with cornhole and a number of picnic tables to sit down and relax on. The beer is out of this world with over 16 rotating drafts at any given time and they are very reasonably priced. We at Denver Party Ride munched away on their pizza and burgers and they were fantastic. We certainly recommend the ringer burger and the breakfast pie when you come by Swingers.

By far the main attraction for this establishment is their two bay golf simulators. No, this is not some arcade game you play like Golden Tee, which they also have by the way. This is the most complex and state of the art golf simulator available in Colorado at this time and boy is it a lot of fun. Bring your own club and balls or Swingers can provide them for you upon request. Choose between 50 different 18 hole courses and enjoy a game of golf complete with waitresses, good drinks, and even better food! Make sure to make a reservation online or call ahead though because as you can imagine, the two golf bays get busy very quickly. It’s very popular for those wanting to practice their game in an enclosed, air-conditioned environment. A word to the wise is to check on Groupon for Swingers latest deals on golf. You can find a much better deal on there than you would just showing up on a random day.

As far as other activities go, they have a number of poker tournaments throughout the week, karaoke, beer pong, giant Jenga, pool, and cornhole. Swingers is one of the only bars on this list that has weekly cornhole tournaments which is also fun.

Is today Wednesday? Well then stop on in and beat the bartender in a game of rock paper scissors to win a free beer! How epic is that? The owner of this bar must be a Nebraska Cornhusker fan as that is clearly the team of choice for Swingers and their website.

Once again, you can’t go wrong with Swingers. It’s got all the necessities there from great food to great games. What else is there in life? Go Huskers!

#19 Mirage Sports Bar and Grill

mirage sports bar and grill

Address: 8340 West Coal Mine Avenue Littleton, CO 80123
Phone: 303-979-9220

As far as sports bars go, the Mirage Sports Bar and Grill located in Littleton off of Wadsworth and Coal Mine is top notch. This place is a big area, 13,000 square feet to be exact, and comes complete to satisfy any gamer of any level. They boast a whopping 16 pool tables and 9 dart boards and they routinely do tournaments and league events for both. They also have a plethora of very high end flat screen television sets hanging from the walls. It’s pretty much the go to place to watch your favorite team no matter where they are playing. They have subscriptions to all college and professional sporting events to facilitate this. Don’t miss their two shuffleboard tables either with all the other activities to keep you occupied while there. They also do trivia nights, poker, karaoke, and live music several times a week. You can even dance the night away on their dance floor which is always fun. The best part about Mirage is that even during the live music events, there generally is no cover. This bar also has an arcade that rivals those found at Dave and Busters. It comes complete with 10 pin ball machines and a whole host of other arcade games for you to play while there.

The food at Mirage is delicious. We highly recommend the wings to munch on while there. They are super good but if you aren’t a wing person then you can order pretty much whatever else you want from their full restaurant menu. Heck, you can even try out their breakfasts as well which are also other worldly good.

Mirage boasts a wide selection of beers on tap and hard liquor on the shelf. The service is top notch and we didn’t have to wait long at all for our food or drinks to get to our table. They are certainly attentive there.

Yes, Mirage isn’t technically located in Denver but if you happen to be in the Littleton area for a bit make sure to check out this outstanding bar. Take advantage of their bad ass arcade or play virtually any other bar game you can think of all night. Mirage is the perfect combination of great food, great service, and great games all in one location. You can’t go wrong by deciding to visit Mirage Sports Bar & Grill the next time you’re in the Littleton area.

#20 Grizzly Rose

grizzly rose

Address: 5450 North Valley Highway Denver, CO 80216
Phone: 303-295-1330

Most have heard of Grizzly Rose or maybe you’ve seen it along the I-25 as the big pink building. Either way, if you haven’t been inside this epic country gaming bar then you are missing out big time.

While Grizzly Rose isn’t classified as a sports bar, it’s got plenty to do as far as activities go. As a matter of fact, it’s classified as a country bar or a music hall but we’re focusing on bars that have a lot to do besides the normal sit and drink routine. Well, this place has a wonderment of activities to keep people of all ages occupied all night. They have five pool tables, a punching machine, a free throw game, Pac Man, skee-ball, and even two dueling mechanical bulls. Yes you read that right. The bulls are so much fun and so challenging. If you’ve never been on a real bucking bull then this is the next best thing. Who in your group will be able to stay on the longest?

Grizzly Rose is also a concert venue as stated earlier. They book some big time country bands which are always fun to watch while there. Feeling the need to dance? Well perfect because they have a 2,500 square foot dance floor, bigger than most of the houses we live in! You also can’t go wrong with the food at Grizzly Rose. They have awesome burgers, salads, and BBQ plates. The place does get busy a lot so be prepared to be around a lot of country line dancers at all times. They even have a car giveaway inside the bar. Yes, Grizzly rose is so big they have space to give away full size cars! If you’re tired of the music or drinking and playing games, there are little shops to visit as you walk around the interior of this establishment. The Wrangler Store and M N J leather were some that stood out to us but there are many others.

Are you a smoker? If so then you will be at home at Grizzly Rose as they have an indoor smoking area that allows you the ability to smoke indoors as well as purchase tobacco products. No more freezing your ass off to go have a smoke. If it’s cold outside and you are wearing a coat, there is a coat check area to store your coat and belongings while visiting. Lastly, this is the only bar on our list that has a breathalyzer at the bar. You pay a few bucks and get to see if you are safe to drive home.

Towards the back of the bar is a decently sized area where they conveniently teach patrons how to country line dance which is cool. What a great date idea!

Grizzly Rose is a unique experience that everyone should be able to enjoy while in Denver. Go check it out and you won’t be disappointed, we promise!

Final Thoughts

It has been an absolute pleasure compiling this list of 20 sports and gaming bars in the Denver area for all of our readers. Just like you, we at Denver Party Ride know a great bar when we see it. It’s got to have good beer, excellent service, delicious food, and awesome games! None of these bars will disappoint you at all. Great thought and care went into the selection of each of these establishments. Pick one to go to or see them all, you won’t be let down. Bring some quarters for the games and some dollars for the bartenders and get ready to have a great time! Cheers!


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