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Denver’s Ultimate 420 Destination Guide
for Natives & Visitors

Created By Denver Party Ride. If you’d prefer to download the PDF E-Book of this guide click here.

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In 2012, Colorado became the first state to officially legalize the use and possession of marijuana within its borders. Since that time, a flood of new marijuana businesses have sprouted up all around the Denver area. The majority of these new establishments have been cannabis dispensaries. There are now so many of these shops in the Denver area that we at Denver Party Ride decided to compile twelve of the finest into one comprehensive list.

This guide’s main goals are to help facilitate the planning of 420 tours and to provide more dispensary options for Denverites as well as out-of-towners. With no further ado, please enjoy the following information and remember to always use marijuana safely.


“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” – Bob Marley

La Conte’s Clone Bar and Dispensary

5194 Washington Street, Denver, CO 80216


La Conte’s Clone Bar and Dispensary

The first dispensary to be featured on this list of places to go on your next 420 tour is called La Conte’s Clone Bar and Dispensary and Dispensary. It’s conveniently located right on the corner of 52nd Avenue and Washington Street in the historic Globeville area of Denver. For those unaware, La Conte’s used to be a popular saloon dating back to the early 20th century, so this place has plenty of history attached to it. When visiting this dispensary, be aware they actually have two stores. To avoid confusion, we’re only going to focus on the Washington Street location as this is Denver Party Ride’s favorite. Both locations service medical and recreational users so they have everyone covered at all times.

Upon entering La Conte’s, one immediately notices the layout of the store is very open and inviting with no waiting room. This allows visitors to begin browsing right after showing an ID at the door. No waiting room is a pretty unique feature for dispensaries in the Denver area and it was really nice to begin shopping without having to sit and wait for someone to call our name.

Looking to your right there is this absolutely gigantic selection of cannabis clones for sale. On any given day they stock 40+ different types of high quality baby marijuana plants. Some of you out-of-towners might be wondering why we would pick a dispensary that focuses on clones however it’s really cool to see the very beginning of the marijuana growing process. With such a selection, they pretty much carry whatever strain you could possibly want to grow or see. They generally carry marijuana flower from each of the clone strains grown as well. This allows you to see the baby plants and then go back and talk to a budtender to see what the final product looks and smells like. How cool is that?

Within minutes of browsing, we were being helped by a budtender and it became obvious this place is filled with super knowledgeable and passionate employees. Every customer is greeted individually and with a big smile. This goes a long way when you are coming from out of state and are a little nervous about purchasing something illegal back home!

The flower selection is second to none at La Conte’s. They have over 15 different varieties on any given day and more selections are being added all the time. Being that they are a clone bar, they should be great at growing their product and they are. With multiple grow warehouses they are always in stock with the dankest of dank buds. Make sure to ask about their Sativa hybrid Chem Giesel. It’s affordable and one of the best strains in the state. At the time of this writing, eighths of top shelf flower were going for only $25-$30! These same low prices apply to every aspect of their store.

One can also find great deals on huge selections of edibles, concentrates, THC drinks, tinctures, and topicals. Need a pipe or two? La Conte’s sells them for $5 on up! Five bucks for a pipe? Pick up one or two just because they are cheap and you know they are going to get some use! They also proudly boasts a huge selection of concealable vape pens. These devices are great for anyone wishing to purchase something that can be used to smoke discretely. If you need some merchandise, they also have a ton of very cool t-shirts, messenger bags, and hats to choose from. Don’t forget to purchase something for those jealous friends back home!

La Conte’s is all about keeping and retaining customers. They accomplish this by not only having great products for sale, but by hosting occasional fun events. They just recently did a tie dye promotion where everyone who spent $10 that day got to make a tie dye shirt for themselves! It’s cool ideas like these that keep shoppers coming back week after week.

If you want a great place to visit on a 420 tour then La Conte’s Clone Bar and Dispensary should be a must see and experience. They really have everything you could possible need all under one roof. Don’t forget to notify them in advance of your tour and get 10% off! If you miss this gem of a dispensary on your next trip to Denver then you will be missing out!

Lightshade Dispensary

3950 Holly Street, Denver, CO 80207


Lightshade Dispensary

The next dispensary on our list for potential 420 tour destinations is called Lightshade Dispensary. This one is perhaps the most unique of all the dispensaries on this comprehensive list. Conveniently located at the corner of the I-70 and Holly Street makes it particularly interesting for those coming from Denver International Airport. It’s one of the quickest and easiest dispensaries to get to once you land as its only 19 miles away from DIA. Lightshade actually has 3 locations and, at the rate they are going, should have many more stores popping up shortly. The particular store we are going to spotlight here though is the Lightshade Holly location to make things a little easier to follow.

Lightshade Holly looks somewhat like a gigantic house initially. You walk into the store and enter a screened in porch area with some comfortable chairs to sit on if for some reason you have to wait for friends before entering. Once you have gathered everyone, to your left is the main door which brings you to the interior waiting area. This second waiting area is perhaps the most comfortable of any dispensary on this list. It’s a huge room with colorful area rugs and hilarious anti-marijuana posters adorning the walls. The absolute best part about this second room though has to be the viewing window into their grow room. You can actually see where your weed is grown and cared for! In fact, if you are taking a 420 tour and decide to visit Lightshade then make sure to call ahead and get a private tour of this very grow room. Bonus points for Lightshade!

Once you get called back into the main selling area, you are greeted by an even better decorated room. This large area has gigantic flat screen TVs, even more elaborate posters, and a wall sized board with different chalk drawings on it every month! Beyond the décor, you will find yourself surrounded by a vast selection of marijuana products. From flower to vape pens, Lightshade has it all. In fact, they call themselves a concealable dispensary because they have such a wide selection of vape pen products. These devices are great for smoking your favorite herb without drawing attention to yourself. The selection there is so vast you will never have to go anywhere else. With these types of vape instruments, you can choose between purchasing pre-packaged products or fresh concentrates. If you choose to go the latter route then Lightshade has you covered with over 30 different types of wax, shatter, or hash on any given day.

The flower selection is also amazing at Lightshade. They are always in stock with 35 different types of top shelf strains. Their prices are also in line with other dispensaries of their caliber. Eighths of some top varieties of flower are only $25. The best part about their pricing is there is no difference in cost between what out-of-staters and residents pay. A lot of dispensaries vary their pricing accordingly which ends up hurting those from out of state. Props to Lightshade for making the pricing equal for all!

Aside from the flower, topicals, tinctures, concentrates, and THC drink selections, Lightshade also has a ton of merchandise and pipes for sale as well. They make these extras very affordable because their main focus is on their high grade marijuana sales. Perfect for anyone looking for a gift for that special someone back home.

The customer service at Lightshade is incredible. One on one attention is always given even if the place is packed. Everyone that greeted us there was very cordial and inviting. That is always a good thing for a dispensary. These bud tenders get asked the same questions day in and day out and to keep their patience like they do is definitely a reason to shop there.

Lightshade is an upscale place that shouldn’t be missed on your next 420 tour. Be sure to call ahead so your party gets 10% off their entire order. Not a bad deal at all! Just the fact that you can request a tour of their grow room is reason enough to visit this amazing location. No other dispensary on this list currently accommodates that request for 420 tours so it’s just about as unique of a destination as you will find.

Sacred Seed Dispensary

5885 E. Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 80222


Sacred Seed Dispensary

If you call yourself a marijuana connoisseur then perhaps the best place on this list for you to visit would be Sacred Seed Dispensary. This upscale gem is located in south Denver on the corner of Evans Avenue and south Holly Street. It also happens to be the best decorated of any dispensaries we visited for purposes of writing this guide. We’re not talking about pictures on the walls or other adornments, this place has a wide variety of vintage cameras and antique clocks throughout the place. They also combined these awesome vintage pieces with a very eastern Buddhist influence. Sacred Seed is one of those dispensaries that services both medical and recreational patients. They have separate rooms for each type of shopper which allows them to cater to those medical patients 18 and up. Most dispensaries these days have the two combined into one area and thus are only able to allow medical patients 21 and up to shop there. What a great place for younger medical patients to shop in peace!

You initially walk into the first waiting room and notice they have a ton of really unique and cool live plants to keep you company while you wait. It is also there that you immediately know Sacred Seed has this eastern Buddhist feel about it. Little Buddha statues smile back at you while you wait for the front employee to scan your ID.

As soon as you are let in, you walk into a second waiting room complete with couches and chairs for your comfort. It would make sense that this second room be more of a social area where you and your party can chill out and have a seat while discussing what to purchase that day.

After this second waiting area, you are ushered into one of the best looking dispensaries in all of Denver. To your left is their elaborate glass pipe room. This decent sized room has just about every type of pipe you could ever imagine. It’s very impressive and not as expensive as you might think in an establishment of this caliber. Everything from small bowls to dab rigs are sold in this area.

Once you’re done shopping for that epic glass piece, you are brought to a long bar like area except instead of alcohol behind the bar, you can find over 50 strains of high grade marijuana flower. Yes, we said over 50 strains, this place is just amazing! If you are looking for a particular strain and don’t have any idea where to get it, call Sacred Seed and they should be able to help you out no matter how hard the order is. They even have one strain called Herijuana and this sucker tests at 36% THC! It’s worth the trip just to get your hands on a strain that potent!

Sacred Seed is also very active in the community and has a little charity set up on your way out of the store. This area was designed so people can place their change in the collecting tray and be assured it will go to a reputable charity. They use a number of different charitable organizations that are changed up monthly which is very cool. They also give a 10% discount for veterans and 10% off for those early birds who get there before 10 a.m. Not a bad deal if you are price conscious. If for some reason these aren’t enough reasons for you to stop by for a visit, they also offer 15% off all smokeables on your first visit and 10% off everything else! Great bud at a discount should make any weed snob salivate!

Sacred seed is not the cheapest dispensary by far but that doesn’t seem to affect them at all. The bud speaks for itself. It’s all organic, grown from seed, hand watered, flushed for three weeks before harvest, and hand trimmed. Good luck finding a dispensary that follows these high quality standards in the Denver area! This place is for the ultimate marijuana connoisseur. They definitely cater to a higher end type of clientele which is unique in its own respect.

At Sacred Seed, 80% of their 50 or so strains available are grown in house which is cool to know. They also have a huge selection of great tasting edibles. If you are needing a bunch of good tourist merchandise from hats to shirts, they also have you covered as well. It’s good stuff and worth it if you want to represent your dispensary of choice. They have abundant daily specials on all their products so be sure to call ahead for details.

Sacred seeds dispensary is legit. If you are sick of what most dispensaries have to offer as far as quality is concerned, then you need to stop in there. This place is for the ultimate marijuana enthusiast or the tourist that wants to get it right the first time around without wasting time going to many dispensaries. Get your bud there and you won’t be disappointed later!

LoDo Wellness Center

1617 Wazee Street, Suite B, Denver, CO 80202


LoDo Wellness Center

One of the elite dispensaries in the famous LoDo district of Denver is hands down the LoDo Wellness Center. It’s in a great upscale area surrounded by the likes of PF Changs, The Oxford Hotel, Illegal Pete’s and many other nice bars and restaurants. The 16th Street Mall is also right around the corner so if the mall is one of your destinations for the day then you have no excuse to not stop in. There is plenty of parking on the street and they even have a small free lot behind the store should you so choose.

LoDo Wellness has been around since 2009 as a medical dispensary and was actually one of the first recreational stores to open in 2014. It’s also woman owned which we at Denver Party Ride think is pretty outstanding. At first it might be a little hard to find this jewel of a dispensary as it’s tucked into an area on the corner of Wazee and 16th Street. The budtenders there will tell you to just look for the cowboy mural on their outside side wall for reference. Once you find the door though, you better get ready for a marijuana experience!

After descending a short flight of stairs, you come to perhaps the best waiting area of all the dispensaries on this list. There is no thick glass barrier separating you from the employee when presenting your ID, instead you walk over to a huge wood desk and are greeted there! The room is huge and is obviously eastern Asian inspired with decorations everywhere. We at Denver Party Ride loved the vibe in this place. There are a couple flat screen television sets and plenty of reading material to choose from if you do have to wait. LoDo Wellness gets a lot of group traffic and the waiting area was designed to be a hangout area for these groups as well as for their regular customers to stop by and say hi! Very cool idea LoDo! The whole atmosphere is comfortable with ample lighting and smiling faces everywhere you go. Another awesome aspect of their waiting room is the viewing area into their cannabis vegetation room. You can actually see part of their grow operation. There is only one other dispensary on this list that has a viewing room which makes LoDo Wellness pretty unique and revolutionary! Enough of the waiting room you say? Keep reading.

LoDo Wellness was an awesome shopping experience. Most dispensaries assign you a bud tender who helps you throughout the whole process. At LoDo, you get to browse in peace and pick out your products. You are then assigned a budtender to complete your order and take payment.

The flower is outstanding there. Every strain they carry has a THC content of 20% or higher. They also have a discount strain each day which is very heavily discounted. Be sure to call for details. They have one high CBD available upon request which is awesome for any dispensary to carry. This dispensary even bred their own strain called Purple Trainwreck which smells otherworldly. If you are smoking this strain then you can thank LoDo Wellness for it!

By far the best bang for your buck though are the edibles there. You are able to choose from a vast selection of affordable chocolates, gummies, THC drinks, and so much more. They are priced lower than most dispensaries, sometimes $5-$10 cheaper which is great to know!

LoDo Wellness carries an extensive line of vape pens and the associated cartridges. Discrete smoking is key for certain situations. They also carry a wide variety of hash, wax, shatter, and other concentrates. Don’t have the equipment to use concentrates? This place has you covered with a torch and dab rig for only $30. They have a similar promotion for flower as well. Get a pipe, a lighter, and a gram of flower for only $20. Perfect for the tourist looking for the whole package! They have other more expensive pipes to choose from as well. Some small basic glass pieces and also some super high end ones that go for $500 or more!

If you are needing some good quality merchandise, you can also find that at LoDo. They have a wide selection of shirts, hats, bags, mugs, and more that can be purchased there for good prices.

The staff at LoDo are all super helpful and knowledgeable. They aren’t pushy either. As stated earlier, they let you shop at your own pace and aren’t interested in ushering you in and out as fast as they can.

Perhaps one of the coolest aspects of LoDo Wellness is all their prices include taxes so there is no guesswork when trying to figure out how much you are actually going to spend for your marijuana. Bring cash though or use their ATM because they are a cash only business.

LoDo shouldn’t be one of those dispensaries you pass up. If you get the chance to be in the LoDo district then be sure to stop on in. Not all dispensaries are created equal and LoDo Wellness will exceed your expectations on your next 420 tour.

Northern Lights Natural Rx

2045 Sheridan Blvd., Edgewater, CO 80214


Northern Lights Natural Rx

One of the best dispensaries just west of Denver is called Northern lights. It’s located in a nice strip mall right next to Sloan Lake and on the corner of 20th Avenue and Highway 95. Northern Lights was just remodeled and the place looks fantastic! Since this remodeling, it is now one large, well lit open shopping area. This elite dispensary has been around since 2010 as a medical dispensary and began serving recreational in 2014. They were actually one of the few dispensaries to first legally sell recreational marijuana. The first sale was done on January 1, 2014 at exactly 8 am. They didn’t waste any time! Worried about parking there? There is plenty of space right outside along the strip mall so that isn’t going to be an issue.

As stated earlier, Northern Lights has been around for a long time. They have accomplished this by going above and beyond what most dispensaries do. They don’t generally have much of a wait time and the products are absolutely amazing.

When you get there, you notice the place is filled with earthy tones and pleasant to look at decorations. On the left hand side is a wall with a huge map of the world. On this map hundreds and hundreds of pins are strategically placed. Each pin represents a visitor from virtually every state and country in the world! People have come from all over to visit this place since it opened. Before you enter the actual shopping area, there is a waiting room which conveniently has that day’s strain list for you to be a better informed shopper when they bring you in. In this room they also have an ATM for your convenience, reading material, and other cool stuff to do while you’re waiting.

One of the coolest ideas Northern Lights had was to have strain trading cards made for each of their strains of marijuana sold there which is pretty cool. Each card tells you just about everything there is to know about that particular type of marijuana. Take a few home with you!

Each of their strains is grown by the coveted TGA strains out of California, so you know the bud you buy is going to be killer. They have over 30 types of flower on the shelves which was more than we knew what to do with! Make sure to check out Kaboom with its 33% THC content! It seems like just a year ago and the top strain in Denver was only 24%! Those days are long gone with Kaboom which also won the The Hemp Connoisseur Championship in 2014. Not very many of the dispensaries on this list have won awards for their bud so this is a pretty big deal! When you do pick out your favorite flower for the day, they weigh it out right in front of you which is always cool to see. A lot of dispensaries will just go into the back and pick out a pre-packaged jar for you. It’s much nicer to be able to personally see and pick out the buds you want to smoke.

Quality is also of the utmost concern at Northern Lights and all marijuana goes through a strict drying and curing process which is more extensive than most dispensaries. It takes a lot to dry and cure marijuana correctly and Northern Lights has this process down to a science. All their marijuana is also grown in coco, which is essentially hydroponically grown. Aside from the flower, they also have a vast selection of concentrates, edibles, and topicals. Northern Lights pretty much has you covered in every marijuana way shape or form.

This dispensary hasn’t expanded yet but they are looking to get a few more stores. We can’t wait! This shows they are doing a lot of things right with their cannabis operation.

When you want to purchase marijuana products, it’s always good to choose a dispensary that has been around for a while. They truly know what they are doing and you can’t go wrong by shopping there. The owners are a husband and wife team which is also cool. No corporate influence there! They welcome 420 tours and are able to service large groups of people with ease. It’s easy for us to tell you about this place but it’s another to stop in and see for yourself.

LivWell on Larimer

2863 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205



In just a few years since the full legalization of marijuana in Colorado, there have been a few dispensaries that have really gotten a jump start on their competition. One of these dispensary chains is known as LivWell. With 9 locations and more seeming to sprout up every few months or so, LivWell is one of the premier, yet affordable, dispensary chains in all of Colorado. Denver Party Ride has chosen to highlight their personal favorite location on Larimer Street in downtown Denver.

LivWell Larimer is top notch from top to bottom. You walk in and immediately enter their comfortable waiting area. There must be 20 or so chairs to relax in while you wait, and you probably will wait. LivWell is big and a lot of people know about it. It tends to draw some crowds occasionally. Also, it doesn’t hurt that their prices are lower than any dispensary we had ever heard of. Yes, we said it here. You can buy an ounce there for $109 including taxes! The lowest ounce specials in all of Colorado! They have pretty spectacular specials on just about everything else in the store too, from pipes to top shelf flower. If you are going there, you can expect great customer service, some of the best marijuana in Colorado, and to pay a fraction of the cost than other dispensaries.

When your number gets called, you get to enter the main room where you are greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable budtender. They seem to always smile there and make you feel comfortable. Behind you is their really cool fresh water fish tank complete with bongs as decorations. You don’t see fish tanks like that very often!

LivWell has about 20 strains of flower on any given day and even breeds their own strains such as Purple Cotton and 303 Kush. They have warehouse after warehouse of grow rooms so you know you can’t go wrong there.

The pipe selection is also top notch with pipes selling for as little as $5. This location services the needs of both medical and recreational patients but only allows those 21+ to shop there. An ATM is available in their lobby if you need some extra cash before shopping.

The LivWell dispensary chain is just about as good as they get here in Colorado. Don’t let the low prices fool you into thinking their cannabis isn’t top notch. Go there if you want to get absolutely the biggest bang for your buck. It’s worth it, trust us!

Starbuds Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

4690 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216


Starbuds Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

One of the coolest up and coming dispensary chains is known as Starbuds. Now with five locations and growing, it’s prepped to become one of the largest dispensary chains in all of Colorado! As they get bigger though, they haven’t lost that small time, personal care aspect of their business. Denver Party Ride was only able to visit the North Denver location but all the locations are very similar and offer their amazing complete menu as well. The focus of this guide will be on the North Denver location.

One really can’t miss Starbuds North Denver as it’s located right on the corner of the I-70 and Brighton Blvd. After all, it’s the only place in the area that has a large green cross on their front sign! There is plenty of parking either on the street or behind the dispensary. Don’t be worried about that.

You walk into a small waiting area and present your ID. Depending on how busy they are, you are either escorted immediately back or you have time to just chill in the waiting room. If you are lucky to spend some time waiting, you will notice some incredible HD pictures of marijuana buds on the walls and plenty of cannabis related material to read. Couches and nice chairs will allow you to relax before they buzz you into the main store.

Once inside, you are greeted by that familiar dank marijuana smell that we all love. You will find yourself in another small area but it’s packed from floor to ceiling with all types of marijuana products. The first thing that caught our eye were their huge selections of flower and concentrates. The second thing we noticed was there were more than enough employees to handle even the largest crowds. Everyone gets some personal attention from a budtender which is important when you might be discussing your personal needs. This is also very important to the out-of-towner as they really take the time to explain local marijuana laws and clarify any questions.

Starbuds makes every attempt to be active with its customers. They hold contests every month for virtually anyone that comes in their store. We eagerly entered our phone number into their computer to win perhaps the biggest nug we had ever seen! They    also hold weekly specials. Two joint Tuesday and on certain days if you buy a Starbuds shirt, you get a joint for a buck! Things like that really make a dispensary experience fun.

Another really cool item they had for sale when we were there were Death Star joints. For those of you who don’t know, Death Star is just about the hardest hitting Indica/Sativa hybrid you can buy right now. The joints were cheap too! They told us they always have killer doobies for sale. In fact, their weed is so potent they even managed to win the 2015 Cannabis Cup in Denver for their in house created strain called Pooty Tang. Ask for it the next time you are in any of their locations! A few other strains unique to Starbuds are Sublime and Purple Voodoo. If you are smoking these strains then it’s guaranteed you got them from there.

Starbuds is going places. Make sure you take the time to visit them on your next 420 tour. They offer 10% off these tours so going there is a great deal! We picture them having 10+ locations very soon. With the top quality bud they sell, to their great personalized attention, Starbuds is poised to become the top dispensary chain in all of Colorado.

Euflora Cannabis Dispensary

401 16th Street, Denver, CO 80202


Euflora Cannabis Dispensary

All though we name a number of cannabis dispensaries around 16th street in this guide, Euflora Cannabis Dispensary is the only one to actually reside along the mall. They currently have three locations and are also in the process of expanding. It’s not hard to figure out why, they have excelled at every aspect of their business. We at Denver Party Ride decided to focus on the 16th street location as it’s Denver Party Ride’s favorite store. It’s located at Tremont Street and you can’t miss the big green cross outside. We highly recommend you take a look around because this place has a must see and experience type of environment. At first glance, it doesn’t look like a big place but looks are definitely deceiving.

You enter Euflora’s building and get to choose the stairs or take an elevator down one level. When you get down there you are greeted by a huge 6000 square foot, well lit area for you to freely browse. You present your ID to the attendant and are handed a bar code scanner. As you walk around and shop, it becomes abundantly clear what the scanner is for. Each and every product in the store has a bar code next to it. Interested in that gram of Lemon Diesel for sale? Scan it, put it into your cart, and move on. It’s kind of like having an online shopping cart. The computer system at Euflora keeps track of what you have scanned and when done shopping they already have everything ready for you! It’s like shopping at an online store except you get to touch and smell the product! It’s a very revolutionary concept that makes shopping a breeze. Kudos to Euflora for sure.

The dispensary is decorated very well. No expense was spared in making this place look very modern and sleek. They designed it this way to make the whole marijuana purchasing process seem less illegal looking or shady if you will. The owners and planners of Euflora wanted to make it as simple and friendly as possible to purchase your marijuana and marijuana products.

It seems like Euflora specializes in cannabis flower or buds. There are endless tables of jars of weed just waiting to be bought. You can inspect it all by yourself and even use one of their Samsung tablets, located right next to each jar of flower, to get information on the strain you’re holding. From reviews of the strain to info on THC content, these tablets inform you about everything there is to know. They are in the process of breeding their own line of flower as well so be sure to ask about that when you get there. Based on the quality of their store, we suspect the new strains will be pretty darn good.

One of the cool bits of information about Euflora is the inside of the store doesn’t stink like marijuana. Every other dispensary we visited on this list had that dank marijuana smell which is good or bad depending on who you ask. Clearly Euflora must have spared no expense on their ventilation system to prevent this.

They have a bunch of merchandise placed strategically around the store for those tourists looking for something to give the folks back home from their trip to Denver. All along the back wall is a huge selection of handmade pipes, collectible pipes, and a really cool selection of concealable stash jars. Just like the ones that look like a can of Ajax but actually contain a hidden stash compartment. That kind of stuff is always a hit with tourists looking to bring something home with them that can be used discretely in their home state.

In one corner of the dispensary were a bunch of really well done hand painted pieces of art. We found ourselves checking them out as well as we walked past jar after jar of great smelling flower. They also have a great selection of books to choose from including grow guides, and other marijuana literature.

Euflora is one of the few dispensaries on this list that donates to charity. In fact 1% of all their sales goes to the ASPCA so you know when you buy your bud, you are helping the animals. Need any more reason to shop there?

Euflora should be easy for most tourists to visit. After all, don’t most travelers to Denver take the time to visit the 16th street mall? This dispensary is literally right along the main pathway and can’t and shouldn’t be missed. It’s the most technologically advanced dispensary in all of Colorado. It’s all about the customer’s shopping experience at Euflora. Great lengths were taken to make this dispensary special and it shows in the quality of their products and services.

Green Solution

470 Malley Drive, Northglenn, CO 80233


green solution

Well, what do we say about the biggest dispensary chain in all of Colorado? When most people mention dispensaries, Green Solution is always one of the top one or two people think to mention. With 12 locations and growing, this place is no joke. What they have done the best job of though is keeping the same quality product no matter their size. We have chosen to highlight the Malley location because this was Denver Party Ride’s location of choice. It’s conveniently located in Thornton, right on the corner of Malley and Washington Street.

Green Solution brings a crowd so we suggest getting there early or during non-peak hours such as before lunch or early afternoon. If that doesn’t work for you then they also have a call ahead ordering system which is epic! It’s like take-out for marijuana. You call ahead, order your product, go to the location, pay for it and pick it up, all without having to wait in line. If you desire to shop around a little bit, just walk in, present your ID, and go wait in a short line. The line is not bad at all though. As you wait, you can browse their incredible selection of shirts, frisbees, mugs, books, bags, and hats which will keep you interested for sure. If that doesn’t keep you occupied then they also have a very friendly greeter that walks up and down the wait line telling jokes and generally making people feel comfortable being there. They even have multiple flat screen televisions at the end of the line showing a live broadcasting of their multiple grow rooms around the state. It’s pretty cool to be able to see the new growth of their plants every time you come in.

Their space is huge and it’s well lit. It’s also modern looking which makes you comfortable buying your marijuana products there. Once you get through the line you are personally greeted by your budtender with a hand shake and an introduction. They will basically be your personal assistant for your entire duration at Green Solution.

After meeting your budtender, to your right will be their extensive selection of clones and seeds in a separate room. They are worth checking out even if you are from out of town and can’t grow in your home state. They are all filled with great genetics and are always as healthy as can be. Once you are done there, you will immediately see their vast section of pipes, and a great selection of vape pens. Vape pens are great for when you need to be discrete or just want to smoke in public and have nobody bother you. As you continue on your tour, you will come to the flower section and it’s beautifully laid out for you. Multiple selections of large nugs are showcased in display cases. Would you like to check one out? Well ask your budtender, that’s exactly why they are there. They sell top shelf as well as regular flower and their prices are very competitive for sure. After you picked out your flower, you come to their extensive edibles section. Chocolates, gummies, THC milk, granola bars, and suckers are all available for you to purchase. Again, the presentation at Green Solution is incredible. Everything is in order and under great lighting.

Continuing on, you find their concentrate selection and it’s just about as big of a selection as you could possibly imagine. Twenty or so different types of shatter was what caught our attention. They also have wax, caviar, bubble hash, and so much more.

And now you have arrived at Denver Party Rides’ favorite section. The pre-roll area. At Green Solution they don’t just have regular joints. They have blunts, gold foil joints, cross joints (like Pineapple Express the movie) and tulip joints. Yep, that’s right. It’s a joint rolled like a tulip. What better way to impress your friends than to pick one of those up! They also have pre packed bowls there as well for only $10 which is great for the tourist in need of some good bud as well as a bowl they can keep.

There is too much to say about Green Solution here. It’s one of the most luxurious and modern feeling dispensaries you will find in Colorado. There is also comfort in knowing they have so many locations. They must be doing something right!

Helping Hands Dispensary

1021 B & C Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302


Helping Hands Dispensary

Even though the next dispensary isn’t located in the Denver area per say, it’s worth a 25 minute drive from Denver to get there for sure! Helping Hands Dispensary is conveniently located along the beautiful Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. Just hop on the 36 west from Denver and you will be there in no time. Parking can be difficult sometimes as the dispensary is actually on the mall but we’ve never had a problem finding a spot within a short distance before. There are a number of reasons why we chose to highlight this particular dispensary. One of those reasons is because Boulder is such a tourist attraction these days that we figured we should have at least one dispensary located near there. The other reason is because this place is the best of the best in Boulder! You will soon be finding out why!

Helping Hands Dispensary services both recreational and medical patients so they have you covered either way. The cannabis flower is pretty much their staple there. Of all the dispensaries on this list, they had perhaps the greatest  selection in the state of Colorado. They advertise that they offer roughly 100 strains with 65 of those actually being sold in the store on any given day. With both unique and popular types to keep everyone happy, this dispensary is in a class of its own. They grow all of their marijuana in house which allows them to control the process from seed to bud. Trust us, they know exactly how to grow some of the best marijuana you can find. They also develop their own strains which, in our eyes, makes this place a whole lot cooler! Gupta Kush, Pranayama Kush, and Silverback have been exclusively bred and grown by Helping Hands. Along with their in house bred strains, they also carry a number of name brand types as well. Some of their finest are Chunky Diesel and AK-47. You really can’t really go wrong with whatever you choose to purchase though. They are all finely grown, dried, and cured to perfection. Be sure to ask about their flower specials for that particular day. The day we went there, they were offering 8ths for only $35. Not a bad deal!

They also have a huge selection of great tasting edibles including gluten free and sugar free selections just to satisfy any dietary constraints their customers might have. From cookies to THC drinks, they definitely have you all covered in their edibles section.

We could probably end this review right here after mentioning just their flower and edibles but there is a lot more! Helping Hands offers concentrates which are also all made in house so you know they were grown organically. They have a wide assortment of shatter, ear wax, honey oil, budder, flake and solvent less hash. They are great alone or as a bowl topper for that extra kick when smoking.

As far as accessories go, there are a number of cheaply priced pipes, papers, containers, and more. If you happen to need seeds, Helping Hands has a sister store located only 20 minutes north of Boulder in a town called Lyons. This sister store is called Bud Depot and they offer their own carefully bred seed selection to the public. Check out their website for constantly updated information on their selection on any given day.

Helping Hands dispensary was a joy to visit. It seems like everyone in there is always in a good mood. Their budtenders are top notch and always have the right strain for your particular needs. Again, this dispensary isn’t in Denver but a lot of customers of ours decide to take their 420 tour through Boulder since it’s right near the mountains. They often ask us what dispensary they should visit while there and we have always told them Helping Hands but now we’re putting it in writing.

Native Roots Denver

1555 Champa Street, Denver, CO 80202


Native Roots Denver

It became obvious to Denver Party Ride while compiling this guide that there are some great dispensaries along the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver. None of them are finer than Native Roots though. Located on the corner of 16th and Champa, this dispensary is sure to impress you on your next 420 tour. It’s one of the largest dispensary chains in all of Colorado at the moment. With 11 locations and growing, it’s practically taking over the industry! With so many locations, we had to choose just one and we decided to focus on the store closest to the mall. This location serves both recreational as well as medical patients 18 years of age and older. Great information for younger medical patients looking for a dispensary to serve them.

The first thing you notice upon entering Native Roots is it is decorated very well. Someone high up within the Native Roots hierarchy must have spent considerable amounts of time making sure it was done perfectly. You walk into the dispensary and go down a flight of stairs. Hundreds of floor to ceiling marijuana terms are painted on the walls. From Pineapple Express, Trainwreck, rig and sativa, it seems like the marijuana dictionary was written all over the place. We were impressed. At the bottom of the stairs you are greeted by a very well lit and cool waiting area. Present your identification and you are ready to shop!

The actual dispensary area is second to none. You walk over to a budtender at any one of Native Roots’ six stations. You will notice they are super knowledgeable about anything and everything marijuana related. It is here you can ask any questions you might have and get the assistance you need in choosing what to purchase on that particular day. Considering the almost celebrity status of this dispensary, it draws a crowd at almost all times throughout the day. This minor problem is offset by having what seems like crowds of budtenders to handle any customer load.

They have an excellent flower selection as well as a large quantity of unique items like transdermal patches and CBD lotions for those in pain. It seemed like they had a larger than normal choice of THC drinks too. They kick in within 10-20 minutes which is different than the usual hour or two for edibles.

The daily specials at Native Roots are killer as well. Be sure to call ahead and ask what sort of discounts they have on that particular day. Flower Power Friday was one that particularly caught our attention. Come in on Fridays and get an ounce of select strains for only $150! The other specials are just as good if you are looking to save some money when shopping there.

Native Root’s edibles are some of the best you can purchase in Colorado. You get your choice of chocolates, gummies, lozenges, and even hard candies. Need only a single serving? They have you covered in that regard as well with a number of choices. Not very many dispensaries carry single serving sizes. The last thing you want to do on your trip to Denver is eat too much cannabis. A single serving edible will keep you in check for sure.

If you are needing some souvenirs for those back home, Native Roots has these as well with a variety of shirts, hats, mugs, hoodies, and much more. Looking for a vape pen? They have a huge inventory at all times.

You really can’t go wrong with Native Roots Denver. The environment is as good as it gets, the product selection is second to none, and it’s so conveniently located! Make sure to stop in when you are there for all your marijuana needs.

L’Eagle Dispensary

380 Quivas Street, Denver, CO 80223


Perhaps the finest of all the dispensaries on this list is called L’Eagle. It’s very easy to get there as it’s located right on the corner of 6th avenue and the 85. Parking also isn’t a problem. They have plenty of spaces on the street for you to choose from. A husband and wife team run it so it has that local, friendly vibe to it. L’Eagle has been around since 2010 and is one of the most health conscious dispensaries we have ever seen and you are about to find out why!

First off, their customer service is unparalleled. It’s not just that they smile when they see you or that they seem to know what they are talking about. At L’Eagle, they provide you with therapeutic knowledge of just about every marijuana product they have for sale. If you suffer from headaches or back pain, just ask any of their budtenders for a helpful strain and they will have the correct answer every time. It’s an amazing experience to shop there because of this. Gone are the days of just accepting whatever cannabis comes your way. L’Eagle gives you options to not only get you high, but also improve your quality of life.

Perhaps what sets L’Eagle apart from every other dispensary on this list is they grow everything organically and really take the extra time to make sure their products are top notch. They advertise that they grow their flower 100% organically. They never use pesticides or anything of the sort. It doesn’t stop there though. They refuse to sell anything they haven’t grown themselves including edibles. You won’t find any pre-packaged edibles for sale in their store. Very unique and quite different. Also, all their growers are experienced farmers and have degrees in the agricultural sciences. Wow! Their drying and curing process is epic. They do it by hand by the old true and tried way. Their process takes about 60-90 days from when the weed was harvested until it’s able to be on the shelves! Basically to sum it up, L’Eagle has the smoothest smoking marijuana we have ever found in Colorado. After it’s dried and cured, they send it off to be tested for potency and consistency but also test it themselves. Why? Because L’Eagle has found if you don’t do it yourself, you can’t rely on the results. How cool is that?

This dispensary also operates a zero waste facility. They are super health and environmentally conscious. If anyone asked us what is different about L’Eagle from other dispensaries then that would be the answer. They really go above and beyond to make everything within their control absolutely perfect for the customer.

As far as concentrates go, once again, L’Eagle has them made perfectly. They use no BHO, Co2, alcohol, or critical extractions for the benefit of everyone involved. Have you ever hit a piece of shatter and it tastes weird? Like chemicals? You didn’t buy those concentrates from L’Eagle then! We hadn’t found a dispensary that uses water before so that is a huge plus in their favor!

L’Eagle is the place to go for all your marijuana wants and needs. From the great décor to their 60 days cured marijuana, you just can’t find a more upscale place. If you are on a 420 tour and want the best of the best marijuana, then L’Eagle is undoubtedly your place to shop.

Final Thoughts

It has been a true pleasure to compile this list of 12 dispensaries to visit on your next 420 tour. Great lengths were made to accurately represent this group of elite marijuana shops in this guide. Forgive us if we have omitted your favorite dispensaries but there are too many of them now in the Denver area to list! It is our advice to visit as many of these dispensaries as is humanly possible during your visit to Colorado. If it’s on this list then you can’t go wrong with their selection and customer service. We support other tour companies and one that we recommend checking out is Colorado Cannabis Tours. Great staff and great atmosphere with them. Also, feel free to check out the massive Colorado Grow Guide that Denver Party Ride produced as well. Enjoy and happy smoking!