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Wedding Planning Advice: Direct From The Pros


So your big day is coming up! You are probably in panic mode, scouring the internet for last minute advice on how to make this momentous day perfect. This article should put your worries at ease. Denver Party Ride has compiled a list of expert advice straight from the mouths of those that plan weddings as a full time job. We asked only the best of the best wedding planners in Denver to participate by answering two important questions and their advice and counsel is conveniently located below!

“What are a few wedding mistakes that a bride and groom usually forget to plan for?”


“I would say a lot of mistakes couples make tend to circle around the budget. They fail to budget too little in one category and over spend in another. The main misstep I see is when a couple over spends on their venue. This leaves little wiggle room when it comes to very important vendors like their caterer and entertainment. They fall in love with a venue before really look at their overall budget and how much they should be spending.”

– Adrienne Gardner, The Gardner Effect Event Planning

(303) 325-7431

Wedding Adrienne Gardner

“One of the biggest missteps that we frequently see our couples overlook is well planned and thorough communication with their photographer.  Often times, couples will meet with a photographer and hire them based on their personality and portfolio and then expect that they are going to get every sensational wedding photo in their imagination. They check it off their list of things to do. However, in order to achieve the truly fantastic photos that they dream of, they need to work closely with their photographer.  A list of requested shots as well as inspiration images of other wedding photography that they admire should be communicated to their photographer who will achieve the desired results.  There are so many elements to creating stunning photography including location, lighting, and style.  The next step would be to ensure that the bride and groom work the appropriate photography time into the wedding day timeline.

Another common, yet extremely important detail that couples overlook are planning for snacks and refreshments for the bridal party while everyone is ‘getting ready’.  It’s not often that the champagne is forgotten!  Couples need to keep in mind that it is a long day, and with the excitement of getting ready for this monumental moment, brides and grooms overlook providing substantial brunch, lunch or food for their bridal party.  It’s a very long, very exciting day, and by the time the reception rolls around often times the bridal party – including the bride and groom – are famished, so we recommend to plan time to eat during the day!

A common mistake that even the most organized bride and groom make is thinking that they can handle it all themselves.  Even if you have planned every moment down to the finest details – it still takes a great effort to set up and execute everything that you have planned and bring your vision to fruition.  Often times, couples will rely on friends, family, or bridal party members to set up the very special details of the wedding, but what they don’t always see is that person doesn’t get to enjoy the day with the couple themselves.  It’s a huge responsibility to place on friends or family and they may be missing out on spending time with the couple.  Even if you decide to only hire a coordinator for the wedding day itself, they will help pull the elements of your excellently planned wedding together.  It’s much better to rely on a professional to handle the details and the inevitable issues that may potentially arise and allow friends and family to enjoy the day with you.”

– Elizabeh Restauri, Total Imagination Events

(970) 274 – 4668

wedding Elizabeth Restauri

“Couples need to make sure they plan on enough time for photos. The first look is a great way to stretch your day and to make sure the photographer has time to capture everything. If your photographer is rushing to get all of the family, bridal party and portraits done during cocktail hour, they might not have time to capture all of the details of the reception. Build in time for those special moments so you and your partner can take in the first time you see each other, you can chat with your family during cocktail hour and to actually experience the sunset during those beautiful golden light photos.”

-Lauren Ripco, Quintessential Weddings and Events

(303) 929-2434

wedding Lauren Ripco

“Forgetting to feed yourself and your wedding party on the big day is what brides and grooms typically forget to plan for.  They will get all tied up with day of events from hair and makeup appointments, getting dressed, photos and getting to the ceremony on time.  Add a time in your schedule to sit, eat and relax. 

Transportation is big as well.  How will the wedding parties get to the ceremony and the reception area?  How will the bride and groom leave the reception?  Make sure you plan an exit vehicle so you don’t get stuck carpooling with your guest at the end of the night.”

-Allison Farrar, As You Wish Event Planning

(303) 517-7315

 wedding Allison Farrar

“One of my big mistakes that clients make is to forget that things almost always take longer than they are anticipating, schedules for the big day need to be flexible to accommodate that.  Another thing I see brides and grooms forgetting to plan for is vendor tips. With all the chaos of wedding planning, it’s easy to forget that caterers often act as servers and that your photographer is with you all day with little or no break.  It’s nice to offer tips if the service is good.”

Gina Wegener, Panacea Planners

(720) 491-1840

 Wedding Gina Wegener

“The higher your guest count, the more expensive your wedding will be!  Narrow it down to those you can’t celebrate without.  Do you really need those Tiffany blue, diamond encrusted napkins on every table or could you compromise on some details?  Lastly, a fantastic planner will help diminish any expensive mistakes!  Seek advice from your coordinator and allow them to help you get through the rough spots of planning your special day!”

-Kierra Barnes, Je T’aime Event Productions

(720) 593-9583

wedding Kierra Barnes

“Destination weddings to Colorado are very popular, what do out of state brides and grooms forget to plan for?”


“Colorado is such a beautiful state so it makes sense that couples want to get married here. Destination weddings can be challenging, so don’t forget:

Altitude!  Couples should encourage their guests to drink lots of water and maybe not so much alcohol.  Often times couples forget to do this themselves.  The more water the better.

Weather!  No matter the month, no matter the destination, Colorado weather is unpredictable.  So, while we all hope for beautiful blue skies on your wedding day, that isn’t always going to happen.  Always come up with a backup plan if you are planning for an outdoor ceremony, cocktail hour and/or reception. 

Packing!  You’ll be far away from home and you don’t want to forget a thing.  We suggest creating a ‘to take’ list throughout the planning process.  Every time the thought crosses your mind, ‘this item has to go to Colorado’, add it to your list.  You’d hate to get all the way here and realize you forgot something so important like your veil.”

-Sarah Ansley, Ansley Event Design

(970) 412-2650

Wedding Sarah Ansley

“The altitude!  Wedding party, family and guests who are not from the Colorado area may have some trouble acclimating to the altitude here. They should make sure to stay hydrated and keep some Tylenol or Ibuprofen available in case of headaches.

Choose your number of guests, details and planner wisely!”

-Jaclyn Charles, Jaclyn Michelle Weddings

(303) 877-4144

wedding Jaclyn Charles

“It’s no wonder that Colorado is one of the top U.S. destination wedding locations. Breathtaking views, countless outdoor activities and unmatched hospitality are just some of the reasons why couples choose to tie the knot in colorful Colorado. But, planning a wedding from afar can present some unique challenges and things to consider. Here are some tips to make sure your destination wedding is flawless:

Plan to arrive in Colorado at least three days before your wedding. Not only will this help you finish up any loose ends on your planning, but it will also give you time to adjust to the altitude and relax before your big day.

As you plan your wedding’s personal touches, decor and attire, consider how you will transport these items safely to your wedding destination.

Vendor recommendations from a trusted source are vital! You’ll likely have limited opportunities to meet with your wedding pros face to face if you live far away. It’s so important that your team is made up of kind, trustworthy people so that your day goes off without a hitch. A wedding planner is a great resource for vendor referrals.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to plan to apply for and obtain your marriage license in the state of Colorado!”

-Sara Brown, Sara Brown Weddings

(816) 489-2928