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Denver Wedding Florist Advice; Tips From The Pros

"What are some of the more common mistakes that many couples don’t account for when planning for the flowers at their wedding?"

Lace and Lilies Flowers

Not many couples have bought such a high volume of flowers before, so it can be difficult to set aside the proper flower budget for your wedding day. We most often see clients with a small budget and expensive taste in beautiful florals, there are absolutely ways to save on floral costs but doing your research first is a must! We never like to give clients sticker shock when we send out proposals!

-Lace and Lilies

Be sure to ​talk about teardown/strike when meeting with your florist. Many times this key detail gets overlooked after the party is over. If you aren't planning on purchasing the vases, and vessels, make sure you are clear about who strikes all those pretty centerpieces at the end of the night. And if renting from your florist, what their terms are on the cleaning and returning of those items.

-3 Leaf Floral

3 Leaf Floral
Diz's Floral Shop

An important reminder that I like to give is that your wedding flowers can be whatever makes you happy.  Flowers should be chosen to make your unique personality shine on your wedding day. I am in my 26th year as a Denver wedding Florist.   I have never done the same thing twice. In preparing for a wedding I always remind my Clients to simplify their day as much as they can.  I also advise not buying containers, vases, candles ahead of meeting with me to try to save money. First we want to come up with the look you want,  and we may have things in the store that you can use and return. I do not require a minimum budget for wedding flowers.

-Diz's Daisys Flower Shop

I think one of the biggest things I hear from all florists including myself is the frustration we feel when we are talking to a couple with unreal expectations. Flowers come from all over the world but not all flowers are the same price.  Some are just pricier than others.  Classic example:  Peonies are still very popular but they are very expensive.  Sometimes a couple's budget simply cannot afford that particular flower.  Pinterest has been both a blessing and a curse for florists.  On one hand, it has helped couple's to gather their ideas in one place.  A great planning tool!  However, we see far too many couples who fall in love with a particular floral design/style/look that is just not within their budget.  Usually couples are open to suggestions and alternative ideas.  Designers can create their vision within their budget as long as they are open to ideas.  The flip side to that is the couples who aren't open to it. They proceed to shop around from company to company.  This only causes them that much more stress in the overall planning process. My biggest advice when looking for a florist is do your research before planning a meeting.  Top notch designers have a very big internet presence!  Read the reviews, ask questions, etc.  Many of us not only have rave reviews, we have also been published in all kinds of magazines and online articles.  Steer clear of anything that seems to be too good to be true. Time and again I as well as other amazing designers have had to "rescue" brides from DIY, a person who told them they were a designer and weren't, and on the stories go.  Just like anything else in our world, you get what you pay for. 

-Hillside Consultants

Hillside Consultants
Photo Credit Carl Zoch Photography
Photo Credit Carl Zoch Photography

Brides, and couples, often have a very particular image in mind when it comes to their wedding flowers. However it's so important to keep in mind that the season in which you choose to get married can have a lot of impact on the availability of certain types of flowers and foliage. We truly believe that bringing a seasonal and local aesthetic to your design style based on the venue location, time of year, and what's growing in the natural landscape around you will elevate any design. Especially here in Colorado where we have so many outdoor, ranch, and mountain weddings, there is value in enhancing the seasonal palette rather than overwhelming it with tropical flowers grown on another continent! Why not work with the natural beauty around you and be open to colors and textures that you wouldn't experience otherwise? So I guess the advice is to be open minded and seek out a florist that you truly trust to design something beautiful for you without giving them too many constraints! That takes a lot off of the bride and groom's plate as well once they find a florist that they can trust to take the reigns and execute a beautiful, seasonal, and timeless design.

-Modern West Florals

Seasonality of product is an important detail that couples may not consider when selecting wedding flowers. It is important to trust your vendors and value their advice as we certainly have the success of your event in mind. There are certain varieties of flowers that are only available certain times of year based on their growing season. Having flexibility with the flower varieties we can utilize is very helpful. We aim to create the look that you want at the time of year of your event with flower varieties that we know will perform well!

-Plum Sage Flowers

Plum Sage Flowers
Garden Of Eden Flowers & Gifts

As a florist, my job is not just design but also helping coordinate a seamless experience by planning out every detail. However, there are a few things couples might not think about when they first begin.

One is putting a limit on what is possible for flower design. Most people come to me thinking ‘bouquets + boutonnieres’ but today’s bride wants a unique wedding and there is no better way to paint that picture than with an eye-catching flower installation or magical backdrop to set the tone and create the ambiance. I love to help my brides think outside of the box so we can create the unexpected!

The second is the importance of a day of wedding coordinator or planner. On the day of the wedding, the bride and groom shouldn’t have to worry about any of their vendors, and a coordinator is the glue that helps the florist, photographer, event staff, etc. do their job and create that magic!”

-Garden of Eden Flowers & Gifts

I think one of the most common mistakes that couples don’t account for when planning for their wedding flowers is the service fee.  This fee can be a surprise to many, but it accounts for our travel expense and overnight accommodations, which allows us to bring our work to more remote destinations.  Especially when hosting a wedding in the mountains, as most likely the vendors are coming up from Denver or are not local to the area where the wedding is being held.  By adding a service fee on, it allows us to put the entire budget towards the florals instead of having to work in any additional costs that could possibly compromise the design and aesthetic of the florals.

-Flora by Nora

Fairytale Floral

Often times couples will forget (or simply not know) quite how many tables it takes to seat their 150-200 guests, and having 15-25 tables can really take up a nice chunk of their budget after bouquets and boutonnieres are accounted for.  That’s why I like to offer my couples alternating centerpiece designs, whether it is two designs or three this is a good way to help stay on budget! One style can be their ‘dream’ floral arrangement or table-scape, while the second option can be simple greenery or a smaller bud vase design.

-Fairytale Floral

A big mistake bridal parties make is that they do not do their research on wedding flower costs. They say that they have never had to make this decision before so they do not have a flower budget. In this day and age of information at your finger tips I find this a difficult situation to work in because people just don't know the value of the flowers and labor involved to create wedding designs. They easily have never had to hire a venue or caterer or buy a wedding dress before. Today's brides have access to every aspect of a wedding including flowers. When I explain pricing to prospective clients they have to trust me or the pro that they are working with. You get what you pay for! All sorts of wedding connected on line sights and print material gives the chart of the percentages for all aspects of wedding related costs.  They have to an some idea of costs as this makes creating a wedding flower quote so much easier.   

Often times a bride will have a specific image for their flowers or specific colors for the blooms whether it is from a magazine or a online sight or even Pinterest. They have there mind set on a specific flower with out knowing that the flower is either out of season or very costly. There is no substitution for many beautiful flowers and the images are so perfect as the blooms used are the highest quality for the photos. It is hard to change a mind once it is set on one type of flower! This doesn't happen in real flower life.  Flowers are natures creations.  Florists can help with suggestions to substitute some blooms that are very seasonal.  

Floral quality from a professional florist is far superior than floral quality from the grocery store, box store or on line! This is why there is a cost difference. 

People make the party, flowers make the room. The flowers won't last forever, especially when used outdoors but they beautifully serve their purpose. 

-Margaret's Garden

Margarets Garden
Bella Lu Floral

Flowers and decor can really make the entire day!  So many of our clients say that everything came together when we arrived and brought the floral into the day.  To us, it's super important to bring the most impact into the day where you'll have photos taken; like ceremony altar space, bouquets (which are in nearly every picture) and reception.  Flowers are a way to bring in your personal style and showcase the beauty of the day and space!  We customize each and every wedding day for our clients and honestly the part I love the most about what we do!

-Bella Lu Floral

Don't overlook the flowers for your special day.  Your florals add so much to the look and feel of your wedding and will be in nearly all the photos.  Some couples try to save money by doing their own centerpieces or having a friend or family member do them but I would suggest to leave it to the experts-this is our passion!  We have the ability to get fresher and more unique flowers and greenery to truly make your vision come to life.  Plus, it's one less thing that you will have to worry about!

-Ribbon & Twine Floral

Petals Colorado

 From my experience as a wedding florist and working with many couples, I often notice that many tend to wait until later in their planning process to seek out a florist. Couples will call me in a panic, desperate to find a florist who has their date available. It's extremely important to "hold your date" ten months to a year in advance with a florist even if you book a later consultation. 

Pinterest is an excellent source for wedding floral pictures and ideas. However, it's good to be open minded when choosing the style, size and flower choice for a bridal bouquet. These pics can be very pricey and may not fall within the budget.

My final advice to you is to have fun and not let the stress of planning consume you!!!! Trust your vendors. They will do their best to make one of the most important days of your life - Brilliant.

I hope these suggestions are helpful and happy planning!

-Petals Colorado

Allergies! Some flowers are more potent than others, making you or your Mom or your guests sensitive to the smell or worse. Let the tears at your wedding be happy tears, not allergy tears! 

Colors and style! My favorite question to ask a client is, "What DON'T you want for your wedding?" Hate white roses? Tell your florist. Must have hops because you love beer? Tell your florist. Hate classical arrangements? Love them? Tell your florist. And bring lots of pictures and ideas with you to your consultation, we'll thank you! 

Forgetting Mom, Dad and Grandparents. This may be the only wedding of a child/grandchild they are part of, make them feel special with a little something! A little thought goes a long way. 

Cost! Talk budget with your spouse. Let's be honest, flowers are expensive - even for the florists at wholesale prices! Don't get overwhelmed with the cost, there are shortcuts to make your dream wedding come true even on a budget. 

-Little Shop of Floral

Little Shop of Floral
Sara Mica Design

The more common mistakes made with flowers for a wedding are very minor ones.  Most the time it's a wrong table count or something as simple as a wrist corsage to a pin corsage.  The good thing about flowers is there are always extras so things can be made up for easily.  One other thing is don't be afraid to ask for help from your florist whether it's ideas, colors or style.  The florist knows the venue and knows what works, pinterest is a good start but working together really helps to make the day perfect.

-Sara Mica Design

Pinterest is a great resource for figuring out what you want your wedding to look like. It’s really easy to get swept up in Pinterest pinning! Talk to your fiancé about what your priorities are for your wedding day; how can you showcase and express you as a couple the best; what you want your guests to feel when they walk into the reception; and what you want to be a focus for your big day. Use Pinterest to find a few photos to show your wedding professional team to help explain your vision. Also, don’t be afraid to choose a color palette that expresses the both of you! Your florist can help come up with a color palette to best suit your vision. For example, you might want to use lots of greenery and whites for your wedding; how about adding a pop of yellow and peach for a springy vibe, or even a touch of lavender and maroon for a dramatic fall look. There’s endless combinations!

-MJM Designs

MJM Designs
The Painted Primrose Co.

Pick out three words to describe your wedding. Do you want your wedding to be dramatic, bold, and moody? Sweet, romantic, and whimsical? Funky, fun, and colorful? Descriptive words help build the theme of your wedding and together, you and your florist can design a one of a kind floral concept that accurately reflects your dream wedding. Flowers greatly impact the mood and theme of an event and I believe that all parts of the wedding, flowers included, should paint a descriptive portrait of the couple being celebrated. 

My second tip is to come up with a floral budget prior to meeting with a florist. Knowing how much you want to spend on flowers keeps you and your florist focused on the fun part: creating beautiful custom floral designs for your big day. Not sure how much to budget for wedding flowers? There are great resources online, but also feel free to reach out to a local wedding florist. Most wedding florists are happy to explain how much to budget for whatever your floral needs may be. 

-The Painted Primrose Co.